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Fetish Cultist
Level 2
Hit Points ~100
Items Drop Riding Crop
Lust Draft
Gender Female
Clothing Various fetish costumes —
costume shifts randomly
during combat
Locations and More
Location(s) Late
Bad End If defeated while
intelligence is
10 or lower.

First encounter
While exploring, you notice something unusual on the lake. This something is quickly moving towards you at a surprising rate, much faster than anything you've ever seen before. Wary of meeting new things in this world after your previous experiences, you decide to slip behind a nearby hill and watch it while hidden. Soon the object comes into view and you can see that it is a boat of some kind. It looks almost like a large open box on the water with some kind of gazebo on it. Despite how fast it is moving, you can't see any oars or means of moving the boat. It slows somewhat when it gets close to the shore, but is still going about as fast as you can run when it hits the shore and extends some kind of gangplank onto the lake shore. With a close up view, you estimate that it is six feet across, ten feet long, and doesn't actually seem to have very much of it underwater. You guess that it must be magic in some way. There are several robe-clad figures on board.

After a moment, a number of the figures disembark down the gangplank and immediately go off in different directions. You count half a dozen of them, and guess that they are female when one of them passes by close to you and you see the hole in her outfit over her naughty bits. You look back at the boat to see it close the gangplank, and move back onto the lake, with only one of the figures still on board. Surprised to hear a sudden yell, you look to the side and see the clothing of the one who passed you earlier shifts and twists before becoming some pink outfit that clings to her backside. You are stunned for a moment as she disappears from sight before you shake your head and move on. It seems there are new residents to the lake.

Sexual Characteristics: Their genitals appear fully human, however they can warp them to fit their partners perfectly. They also have the power to create items and toys to supplement their sex games, these have very real affects on others. Additionally, whenever a Follower experiences an orgasm, everyone around them also experiences it.

Special Abilities: Possesses a lust transfer power that lowers her lust level while raising yours.

Subsequent encounters
You see a largely human-looking young woman in the distance in a strange, whorish outfit, seemingly lost in prayers that sound like nonsense to you. Finally noticing your presence, she confronts you with a lewd smile on her face.

She has clearly lost her grasp on sanity, and filled the void with pure perversion.

Fetish Cultists are weak opponents. Most of their attacks increase the player's lust, they have few, if any, attacks that deal HP damage. Their most powerful ability seems to be their lust transfer attack, but they have fairly low lust resistance themselves and appear to either have a constantly rising lust level or a chance of inflicting extra lust on themselves with some of their attacks or outfit shifts. Unless a character already has a fairly high lust level and low lust resistance when the Cultist is encountered, it should be an easy fight.

Sex ScenesEdit

  • Medical test—nipplecunts: Nurse fetish cultist; fuckable nipples; lose in battle effect: chance to enlarge breasts and increase milk production
  • Medical test—semen shortage: Nurse fetish cultist; cock; lose in battle effect: increases cum production
  • Medical test—milk shortage: Nurse fetish cultist; breasts; lose in battle effect: increases milk production
  • Mistress and servant—foreplay and sex: Noble fetish cultist; lose in battle
  • Slutty beast stables—Naga: Naga body; lose in battle
  • Slutty beast stables—centaur: Centaur body; lose in battle
  • Bandit Role-play: win
  • Sex God Role-play: win
  • Breast Feed: win, Feeder Perk.
  • Male Swimsuit Play: Swimsuit Fetish Cultist; win; penis
  • Female Swimsuit Play: Swimsuit Fetish Cultist; win; vagina