General Information
Type Weapon
Usage Combat
Boosts Attack*

Content Author: FenoxoThe champion's fists are their most basic weapon. When there are no other weapons equipped, the champion will resort to using their fists to fight enemies.

Fists, when freeing the Gargoyle
You swing your fists up over your head and strike the chains. “OW! Dammit, that hurt!” What the hell were you thinking!?

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

You have a humanoid shape with the usual torso, arms, hands, and fingers*.

Stats Edit

  • Base Attack: 0
  • Value: N/A
  • Classification: Light, fists, melee
  • Base power can be boosted through perks.

Trivia Edit

  • There is an achievement for fighting a Frost Giant with no armor or weapon.
  • Fists have a special classification simply referred to as "Unarmed".
Weapons are equippable items used to boost attack, among other effects.
Beautiful Sword Broken Scarred Blade Coiled Whip Dagger Eldritch Staff
Fiery Greataxe Fists Flail Hooked Gauntlets Huge Warhammer
Huntsman's Cane Inscribed Spellblade Jeweled Rapier Katana Large Axe
Large Claymore Large Hammer Lethice's Whip Lethicite Staff Lust Dagger
Mace Midnight Rapier Pipe Pitchfork Raphael's Rapier
Riding Crop Scarred Blade Scimitar Spear Spiked Gauntlets
Succubi Whip Ugly Sword Urta's Halberd Wizard's Staff
Blunderbuss Crossbow Flintlock Pistol