Flintlock Pistol
General Information
Type Weapon
Usage Combat
Boosts Attack +14
Merchant Information
Buy Value 200
Sell Value 125
Locations Found
Bought From Benoit

Content Author: Unknown

The Flintlock Pistol is a ranged weapon that once belonged to a Goblin. It has since ended up in Benoit's hands and is for sale at his shop.

Flintlock Pistol, in Benoit's shop
You wander Benoit's shop for a good while as you're searching for something interesting until you spot something interesting. You walk over to pick up whatever caught your attention and show it to Benoit. "Zis? I do know that zis a weapon and it originally belonged to a goblin from long time ago," he says. Time to test this weapon out. You aim the pistol at one of the empty tin cans and pull the trigger. A round launches from the pistol and hits the tin can, knocking it off shelf. Benoit looks in surprise and says, "It works? 200 gems and it can be yours."

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

A flintlock pistol. Pew pew pew. Can fire four times before a reload is required and Speed has a factor in damage.

Stats Edit

  • Base Attack: 14
  • Value: 250
  • Classification: Light, gun, ranged
  • Has 4 ammo.

Trivia Edit

  • The Flintlock Pistol is the only released ranged weapon, besides the Wizard's Staff when combined with the Staff Channeling perk.
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