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Gender: Females are Fetish cultists and males are Fetish zealots. Fetish priestesses are either female, or hermaphrodites.

Typical Dress: Followers of the Fetish have the ability to shift their clothing to anything they desire, though this is almost exclusively various fetish costumes. They may shift the outfits of those they encounter as well.

Appearance: Followers of the Fetish appear as normal humans. Some have slight demonic traits typical of residents of this world.

Sexual Characteristics: Their genitals and anuses appear fully human, however they can warp them to fit their partners perfectly, no matter how big their partner's assets are. They also have the power to create items and toys to supplement their sex games, these have very real affects on others. Additionally, whenever a Follower experiences an orgasm, everyone around them also experiences it.

Social Structure: The duties of the Followers are divided based on gender and power. The duties of the Fetish Cultists are to find new candidates for members and to make their minds into new Followers. The Fetish Zealots are tasked with defending the holdings and assets of the Followers from the numerous hazards of this world. Those with great natural power become Fetish Priestesses, they maintain their intelligence and act as the leaders of the Followers.

Special Abilities: Followers are very talented at lust based abilities, and the Zealots and Priestesses are trained to use weapons sacred to their order. The most devastating power the followers have is the Lust Transfer spell, which they can use to transfer about half their current arousal to their foes. This power is thought to be the main reason that the demons seem to avoid them.

Mentality: Most Followers have lost the capability of higher thought, only able to experience their fetishes and carry out their duties. Priestesses are still able to think at the level of a regular human.

Corruption: Cultists and Zealots do not bear great deals of corruption, they seem to have a sort of divine protection that keeps them from falling prey to the world's taint. Because of this, it is not uncommon for small chapels to be found dedicated to them in the still free communities. While having them around does seem to deter demon attacks, their presence does not guarantee that the demons will not ultimately take the community.

History: The original Followers where a group of crusaders lead by a man named Alexander. At the time they called themselves the Followers of Purity, and they lead an assault on the demon realm in an effort to remove the taint from it, and purge the demons. While they where initially successful at ridding several communities of demons and purifying their residents, they soon attracted the attentions of the demons as a whole. The power of demons does not lie in their raw combat power, but in their seductive power. One by one, each of the Followers of Purity where visited in their sleep by a beautiful succubus or handsome incubus; one by one they abandoned their mission to join their new lovers, until only Alexander and his closest companions remained.

The mission would not fail here though, Alexander and his comrades learned to watch their backs, and to never let any of their members sleep alone. Even then, they no longer had the strength they needed to overcome the demon's holds on this world's communities, and Alexander feared his crusade would fail. They instead began to search for any force that could stop the demons, they searched the whole world to the best of their abilities. All the while being hunted by the demons at every turn. They say that eventually they did find what they where looking for…

Now new members join the followers everyday, strengthening their power with each new member. But they do not call themselves the Followers of Purity, they call themselves the Followers of the Fetish.

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