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You walk for quite some time, roaming the hard-packed and pink-tinged earth of the demon-realm. Rust-red rocks speckle the Wasteland, as barren and lifeless as anywhere else you've been. A cool breeze suddenly brushes against your face, as if gracing you with its presence. You turn towards it and are confronted by the lush foliage of a very old looking forest. You smile as the plants look fairly familiar and non-threatening. Unbidden, you remember your decision to test the properties of this place, and think of your campsite as you walk forward. Reality seems to shift and blur, making you dizzy, but after a few minutes you're back, and sure you'll be able to return to the forest with similar speed.



  • The giant bee handmaiden — a bee-girl who wants somewhere to lay her eggs, and enchants libidinous travellers. (Level 4)
  • Essrayle (plant-morph).
  • Goblins — sex-mad sluts, these lusty creatures attack on sight. (Level 1)
  • Imp — the diminutive offspring of demons, these horny creatures attack on sight. (Level 1)
  • Imp lord — After the player has reached level 8.
  • Jojo — a mouse-morph monk, he will only appear once the Champion has been corrupted. (Level 4)
  • Tamani — a named goblin who will ask the Champion with a cock to help knock her up. (Level 4)
    • Tamani's daughters — Tamani and the Champion's offspring, this mob of goblins only appears once the character has sired 24 goblins with Tamani. (Level 8+)
  • Tentacle Beast — a shambling beast resembling a large shrub. It attacks enemies on sight. Only appears after reaching level 2. (Level 6)
  • A trapped Satyr — a goat-man caught in the flowers of a corrupted glade, who can be raped twice per encounter. If raped a second time libido will increase and sensitivity reduce.

Non-NPC encountersEdit

  • A peaceful walk in the woods. Increases toughness, and either intelligence for pure characters or libido for corrupt characters.
  • Tripping over a root. The Champion loses 10HP, and returns to camp.
  • Finding a piece of black chitin from a giant bee.
  • A corrupted glade — a patch of forest where the plant-life grows in imitation of genitals.
  • Deepwoods — on the 20th or higher exploration of the Forest, the Champion discovers the passage to the Deepwoods. From then on the Deepwoods is unlocked as another location to explore.

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