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Forest Kitsune
Level 6
Hit Points 260
Gems Drop 10-19
Items Drop Fox Berry
Skills Entwine (1/8)
FoxFire (1/4)
Illusion (1/8)
on self Tease (1/4)
Seal (1/4)
Gender Female (black & blonde)
Herm (redhead)
Species and Family
Species Kitsune
Codex Kitsune (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 5' to 7' (random)
Build Voluptuous
Ears Fox ears
Skin pale skin
Hair Black, blonde or red
Tail Six fox tails
Tattoo covered in tattoos
Weapon Claws (natural)
Locations and More
Location(s) Deepwoods
Interaction Fight
  • Entwine deals 10+Sensitivity/8 lust damage and causes Tail Tangle status. Status removed on successful escape (or after 4 rounds of failed struggles/waits).
  • FoxFire deals 5..25 direct damage and 15+Sensitivity/10 lust damage.
  • Illusion roll affected by PC's INT (+1 per point up to 30); Whispered (+30); Religious and <20 Corruption (+20-C). If 0..[100] < total, fails. If succeeds, +20 Speed for 1 round.
  • Tease causes 5+Sensitivity/7 lust damage.
  • Seal immediately causes a random Sealed status (6/7 chance) or rolls the Illusion check for success rate instead (1/7 chance). Only if under Tail Tangle status. Roll 0..[20]+STR/20+3*failed struggles; if <12, roll fails and deals 5+Sensitivity/10 lust damage. Causes 5+Sensitivity/10 lust damage.

The forest kitsune are three kitsune sisters found in the Deepwoods. At first the three can only be told apart by their hair color: black, blonde and red respectively. On closer inspection however, it turns out that the red-haired kitsune is a hermaphrodite while the other two are all female. The choice of sex scenes available after a fight differ between the three but otherwise encounters are the same regardless of which of them you meet.

Like all kitsune, the three forest kitsune are playful rather than evil. But they are rather ruthless and selfish and can even trick an unwary traveler into a Bad End!

"Oh, thank you, thank you! I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come along."

As the imp falls at your feet, you lower your beautiful sword and turn to the grateful woman. Beating down an imp is really nothing special, but you were glad to be of assistance, and tell her as much with a friendly smile.

"My hero!" she swoons, beaming. "Oh, if there's anything I can do to repay you, please, tell me!"

You find yourself gazing deep into her eyes, a dim haze entering your mind as you are drawn deeper and deeper into the glistening green pools. The corners of her lips curl into a broad smile as she starts to step toward you, and for a moment you swear you can see a subtle change in her. You rub your eyes, certain they are playing tricks on you, slowly following the gentle sway of her six tails as she strolls up to you. Nope, nothing wrong here..."


When you encounter a kitsune, you can choose to fight her or talk to her. If you choose to talk, you then get the choice between following her or leaving. If you follow her home, you will meet the other two kitsune there and together you have a rather wild party which leads to an even wilder foursome.

  • Immediately fighting the kitsune gives a Fox Jewel.
  • Taking to the kitsune then leaving prompts the kitsune to hand over a Kitsune's Gift as a parting gift.

Initial encounterEdit

Your first encounter with a kitsune is different than the others at the start. You meet a terrified woman fleeing from an attacking imp. You then go on fighting the imp, wondering how she could be scared of such a timid monster. After you've beaten the imp, the kitsune reveals her true self and the scene progresses the same way as the other encounters.

The kitsune uses the imp trick only once. At later encounters she uses a blue magic light to lure you to her instead.


The kitsune is a level 6 opponent dealing mainly lust damage but also to some degree physical damage. Her main strength is her many defensive tricks. She can restrain her opponents with her tails and use spells to confuse her opponent or seal off one of their fighting skills (physical attacks, teasing, spell attacks, item pouch or fleeing). The spells only last for a few rounds — shaking them off right away will leave the kitsune very disappointed.

If you lose the fight, the kitsune will have her way with you and steal a few of your gems but she won't cause you any serious harm. The exact scene differs with the lust level of the kitsune; the redhead kitsune sometimes uses her penis if her lust is high enough.

If you win the fight, you can choose to have sex with her in various ways (she will be quite happy if you do) or just leave.

Sex scenesEdit

If you beat the forest kitsune and your lust is high enough, you can just leave or choose between a number of sex scenes, depending on your gender and which kitsune you meet (and one of them on the content of your stash):

Kitsune PC gender Comments/Description
Breastfeed Any Female
Requires the Feeder perk.
Fuck her Vag Any Male
Penis of any size.
Fuck her Ass Any Male
Penis (max area 144 in²)
Tribbing Any Female
Tail Job Any Male
Penis of any size.
Tentacles... Any Male
At least 3 tentacle cocks
Bondage Red Male
Penis (max area 144 in²)
Titfuck Red Female
Vagina, biggest tit size 4" or more, Lusty Maiden's Armor equipped
Herm Helix Red Herm Not available if you've told her to ditch her cock
Lap HJ Red Male
Only available after you've told her to ditch her cock
Ditch Dick Red Male
Removes the "Herm Helix" and "Ride Her Cock" options and adds "Lap HJ". You can tell her to regrow her dick and the options change back to the original
Ride Her Cock Red Female
Not available if you've told her to ditch her cock
Hot Dog Anal Black Male
Penis (max area 144 in²)
Get Licked Black Female
Get Blow Job Black Male
Penis (max area 108 in²)
Use Ovi Elixir Blonde Male
Penis of any size. Only if you have an Oviposition Elixir in your inventory.
The kitsune's inherent magic increases the effect of the potion and she immediately gets heavily pregnant and starts lactating. The pregnancy progresses rapidly as you have sex with her and just as you leave, she lays a small egg which she gives you instead of the regular Fox Jewel drop.
Use Fuck Draft Blonde Male
Penis of any size. Only if you have a Fuck Draft in your inventory
The Fuck Draft overwhelms the kitsune, and she presents herself to you. The PC then ruts her silly.
Use Lactaid Blonde Male


Penis. Only if you have a Lactaid in your inventory.

The Lactaid causes the kitsune to lactate and you feed from her

No sex scenes are available to genderless Champion. The kitsune will always drop a Fox Jewel after losing a fight. If the Hero fed the blonde kitsune an Oviposition Elixir, she will lay a small egg of random color.


Generally, there are three ways to get into the mansion:

  • Have lust at or above 100 or Intelligence less than 20 when encountering the wisp
  • Agree to follow the kitsune after resisting her illusion
  • Winning the fight with an imp and failing to resist her illusion

If the Champion has 3 or more tentacle cocks, they receive a special scene. Two other scenes are for those with a cock and those without it. If they were lead to the mansion by Kitsune, they will be given a choice of "Let Her" and "Shove Her"; if they followed the wisp, the first choice is picked automatically.

If you have a Tentacle Penis this will unlock a new scene which will prompt the Sisters to be ecstatic with their discovery and will cast some magic which will go to a full blown tentacle orgy and leaving you and the sisters incredibly satisfied.

Either way, this will lead to a final scene. It will add 15 to Champion's fatigue. If it reaches 100, they get a Bad End. Otherwise, they wake up next morning, with the boosted cum (Hero's has a cock) or milk (otherwise) production.


Q: All the kitsune have only 6 tails, while for the champion it takes 9 tails to earn the Enlightened Nine-Tails Perk. Does that mean they are only 2/3 kitsune?
A: No. In Japanese folklore, kitsune had multiple tails, up to a total of 9. The more tails a kitsune had, the older, wiser, and more powerful it was considered to be. The 3 sisters simply haven't reached their full power yet.
This can also be noted in the Illusion spell they use, which is nowhere as powerful as the real thing. (Even FoxFire is worse than the original; now that's something.)
  • Having tentacle cocks will treat you to some extra scenes inside and outside the mansion.
  • The kitsune bad end is the only bad end in the game that can be triggered just by exploring the wrong landscape with the wrong stats and with no previous warning!
  • Tell the redhead to ditch her dick in silly mode. Extra laughs if the PC is male.