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Fox-morph Score
Transformatives: Fox Jewel, Fox Berry, Mystic Jewel and Vixen's Vigor. The first two can be enhanced to the last two at Lumi's Laboratory.
If you have Add Comments
Fox-like face. 1
Fox ears. 1
Fox tail. 1
Fox-like legs. 1
One or more dog cocks. 0 or 1 +1 only if the sum of the conditions above is greater than 0. Dog cocks will be described as fox cocks in the appearence description, if fox score is higher than dog score.
More than one row of breasts. 0 or 1 +1 only if the sum of the conditions above is greater than 0.
Exactly three or four rows of breasts. 0 or 1 +1 only if the sum of the conditions above is greater than 0. Stacks with score from multiple rows.
Fur 0 or 1 +1 only if the sum of the conditions above is greater than 0.

The Fox-morph is an anthropomorphic fox and one of the many sentient species of Mareth.

Fox-morph NPCsEdit

  • Miko & Mai — Identical twin hermaphrodite fox-morphs who will have a foursome with the player, Helia and each other.
  • Raphael — A russet rogue fox-morph that is encounter-able by female PC's with body proportions to his liking.
  • Urta — A gray-furred hermaphrodite fox-morph, Urta is the captain of Tel'Adre's guards. She greets the player upon their first arrival to the city, and can often be found in The Wet Bitch thereafter.
  • Urta's children.
  • In one of the two possible loss scenes in Urta's fight against Fido & His Mistress. They are both transformed into hermaphroditic fox-morphs, becoming Urta's love slaves. It's still a Bad End for Urta since it makes her lose her mind and disappear from the game. (I have no idea what Bad End it is.)

Becoming a Fox-morphEdit

To be classified as a fox-morph you must have a fox score of 4 or more.


The fox-morphs are the children of Taoth, the Trickster god.

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