The frost giant is one of the four enemy monsters that appear in the Glacial Rift that has been added by the mod.

Ingame description


The giant reminds you of the stories you heard as a child in Ingnam, at least twenty feet tall and wider than your height. The giant’s skin is a deep, icy blue with patches of frost and ice covering his body in place of armor. Fortunately for you, he’s unarmed. Unfortunately for you, being as large as a house has the added benefit of boulders, trees, and handfuls of frozen dirt being ready weapons, all of which is abundant in the area. Plus those hands could probably crush you like a bug. Your battle instincts are definitely going to be tested.



The frost giant appears with level 22 and 1000 Health points. Normal attacks will result in over 120 damage, but His attacks can occasionly miss which results in 5 to above 60 Damage. He can, like other enemies, grab the player to prevent him/her from attacking the giant. Just like any situation where the player is restricted, the player can either choose to struggle or to wait. While restricted the giant will proceed to hit the player into the ground, dealing 111 damage, after which the player is freed from the giant's hands and can attack again. Another attack pattern of the giant is throwing a boulder in the players direction which, even if it does not directly hit, will cause damage around 340 points.



"The Giant Staggers and falls down on his knees. You wonder what you should do next"

Once the Frost Giant has been defeated, the player is given the choice to:

  • Nosefuck(requires a cock)
  • Ride Vaginally(requires a vagina)
  • Ride Anally
  • Leave(ends the encounter)


The giant has a chance of dropping an Icicle.