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Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Nymph
Body Parts
Eyes pink
Ears elvish
Torso bubble butt; a toned stomach
Legs long, elegant ballerina legs
Hair big, poofy, curly, dark pink mess that reaches down to her ass
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts pink melon-like breasts
Clothing Her "uniform" is more like a yellow bikini with frills circling the waist of the bottom half; huge cupcake hat; short-heeled sandals
Locations and More
Location(s) Bakery
Interaction Buy Items
Frosty is described as an excitable bubblegum-pink girl, a nymph, with elvish pointed ears; pink eyes; long, elegant ballerina legs in short-heeled sandals; a bubble butt; a toned stomach; and two pink melon-like breasts.

Ingame Description:
You see a bubblegum-pink girl at the bakery, walking around and eagerly trying to hand out fliers to people. Her "uniform" is more like a yellow bikini with frills circling the waist of the bottom half. If this didn't make her stand out from the crowd then her hair certainly would; it's a big, poofy, curly, dark pink mess that reaches down to her ass with a huge cupcake hat sitting on top.


Frosty can be found as soon as you discover the city of Tel'Adre, as a "pink girl" in the Bakery. Upon choosing her, she will make an excited beeline for you, jamming a flier in your face and speaking very hyper-actively about her new cupcake business and that you are her very first customer.

"Hello, would (you) like to come to "Frosty Cake's Cupcake stand?""

She will produce a tray of cupcakes and you will be aghast at the price, 30 gems per cupcake, which she justifies as a license cost of 10% for being right outside the main bakery. Detailing her business plan, she wants you to be a beta tester and sign an agreement form. You buy cupcakes and you can have sex with her on a point scale. One cupcake equals one point and points of various amounts can be traded for sex.


After the first encounter, she will list her prices and start to sell in bulk or give you the option to trade in your points.

Frosty Cake's Cupcake Stand!!!!Edit

"Hello [sir/madam], would you like to come to 'Frosty Cake's Cupcake stand'? I'm Frosty — Nice to meet you — I recently opened a sweets-stand and can't wait to have loyal customers such as you coming to my stand every day and buying all kinds of super delicious cupcakes!"

Prices Specials
1 Cupcakes 15 Gems Her hands 5 Points
5 Cupcakes 60 Gems Her mouth 15 Points
10 Cupcakes 110 Gems You eating her out 1 Points
20 Cupcakes 200 Gems


  • With her all pink coloring, love of sweets, and excitable attitude, she seems to be based off of Pinkie Pie, a main character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who works in a bakery.
  • Buying 20 Cupcakes at a time is the most economical, they cost 10 gems per cupcake instead of 15, 12, and 11, respectively
  • Eating her cupcakes causes no effects on your body, no weight gains, no body mass changes, they are truly neutral.
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