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The Giant bee is one of the sapient races inhabiting Mareth. The Giant Bee is described in Giant bee (codex).

Giant Bee NPCsEdit

The only giant bee NPC in the game is an unnamed Bee-girl who can be found in the Forest.

Becoming a Giant BeeEdit

It is not possible for the Champion to transform into a giant bee. It is however possible to transform into a bee-morph with several giant bee traits.

Amily to Champion
"Giant Bees? They're a strange race," Amily says. "They're not really corrupt, but at the same time, they act kind of like demons."

You ask her to explain how that works.

"Well... the Giant Bees you've probably seen? The official name for them is the fertile caste, but folks tend to just call them handmaidens," Amily explains.

At your confused look, she continues.

"Giant Bees hatch from each egg as hundreds of regular-looking little bees. And fertiles are involved in that — for some reason, the eggs need to incubate inside a living being to hatch in the first place."

Your expression probably tells the story, because Amily giggles slightly before adding. "It's not dangerous or anything like that! The queen and the handmaidens both have this cock-like appendage on their abdomens; the queen uses this to lay her eggs into the handmaiden's, filling up their abdomens, while the handmaiden then lays a mixture of eggs and honey into a person's gut via their anus. The eggs kind of... well, they sit there, and then, when they're ready to hatch, they just... come out."

She shrugs, clearly not able to explain it any better than that. You ask how you can avoid such a fate.

"Well, they mainly use this hypnotic thrumming from their wings; but if you've got a strong, sharp mind you can shake it off. They aren't the kind to get violent; they will ask you to accept their eggs, if you resist their hypnosis, but they won't try to beat you into submission so they can lay their eggs. I wouldn't recommend fighting them; they're quick and pretty tough, thanks to that armor, and they've got this nasty venom that saps your strength and arouses you at the same time."

You thank her for her advice, and then, curious, ask how she knows so much about these creatures.

Amily looks flustered. "Well, they, they have been willing to trade honey in the past if you confront them peacefully and... alright, I'll admit it, when times have been really lean, I've been willing to host some giant bee eggs in exchange for honey."

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