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The Glacial Rift is a zone found through exploring the Wasteland, once the Champion has discovered the Swamp, reached level 10 and passed 48 days.

Anzu, a bird deity, is currently inhabiting the lands, along with Yetis, Valkyries and the Frost Giants.

Ingame Description:
You walk for some time, roaming the hard-packed and pink-tinged earth of the demon-realm of Mareth. As you progress, a cool breeze suddenly brushes your cheek, steadily increasing in intensity and power until your clothes are whipping around your body in a frenzy. Every gust of wind seems to steal away part of your strength, the cool breeze having transformed into a veritable arctic gale. You wrap your arms around yourself tightly, shivering fiercely despite yourself as the hard pink dirt slowly turns to white; soon you’re crunching through actual snow, thick enough to make you stumble with every other step. You come to a stop suddenly as the ground before you gives way to a grand ocean, many parts of it frozen in great crystal islands larger than any city.

You’ve discovered the Glacial Rift!


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