Level 14
Hit Points (440)
Gems Drop 11-14
Items Drop Brown hair dye
Black hair dye
Succubi Milk
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Gnoll
Body Parts
Height 4-5'
Build Wiry
Eyes Bright orange
Skin Dark brown or black
Fur Light gray
Dark gray
Dark orange
Sexual Make-Up
Vagina Elongated clitoris that can function as a pseudo-penis
Clothing Torn rags and not much else
Weapon Twisted Club
Locations and More
Location(s) Plains
Interaction Fight
Sex (after fighting)

Content Author: Dextersinister

The Gnoll is a hyena-girl who laughs and mocks the Champion while fighting. Fiercely territorial, the gnoll attacks anybody she perceives as an invader.

There are two varieties of gnoll that can be encountered at the Plains. The first is the one detailed here, the gnoll warrior. The second gnoll is the gnoll spear-thrower. A third variant, the gnoll alpha, is only encountered by Urta during her Fertility Quest.

During the Arena fights for Phylla, a gnoll is the 3rd challenge (lvl 14).


On Approach
The sound of distant laughter comes across the plains, then seems to die off suddenly. A moment later, a gnoll comes bounding from the nearest scrap of cover and barrels into you. The monstrous thing giggles as it bounces back and forth before you, looking for an opening to exploit.

During Fight
This lanky figure is dappled with black spots across rough, tawny fur. Wiry muscle ripples along long legs and arms, all of it seeming in perpetual frenetic motion: every moment half flinching and half lunging. The head bears a dark muzzle curled in a perpetual leer and bright orange eyes watching with a savage animal cunning. Between the legs hang what appears at first to be a long, thin dong; however, on closer inspection it is a fused tube of skin composed of elongated pussy lips and clitoris. The hyena-girl is sporting a pseudo-penis, and judging by the way it bobs higher as she jinks back and forth, she's happy to see you! She wears torn rags scavenged from some other, somewhat smaller, creature, and in one hand clutches a twisted club.

Sex ScenesEdit

  • Lust Frenzy requires: lose; have Succubus' Dream in inventory (Note: s/he will then fuck your ass for an entire day.)
  • Butt Sex requires: win; male or herm (50% chance between this and the alternate scene)
  • Butt Sex Alternate requires: win; male or herm (50% chance between this and the original scene)
  • Dick Down Clit requires: win; male or herm; cock area 79.8 or less
  • Dick In Ass requires: win; male or herm
  • Take Her Clit requires: win; female or herm
  • Suck Her Clit requires: win

Other AppearancesEdit

Bunny Girl has a special scene where she has been caught by a gnoll, tied up and left to the mercy (or lack of mercy) of anyone passing by.