Goblin Ale
General Information
Type Transformative
Usage Goblin
Boosts Lust
Vag cap
Changes Femininity
Merchant Information
Buy Value 6
Sell Value 3
Locations Found
Bought From Lumi
The Black Cock
Drop From Tamani
Tamani's Daughters
Goblin Assassin
Goblin Warrior
Goblin Shaman
Goblin Broodmother

Content Author: Fenoxo

Goblin Ale is an alcoholic transformative found primarily on Goblins. True to name, they will make the champion more and more like a Goblin. It's sometimes considered the female counterpart to Imp Food.

Goblin Ale, when consumed
You drink the ale, finding it to have a remarkably smooth yet potent taste. You lick your lips and sneeze, feeling slightly tipsy.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This sealed flagon of 'Goblin Ale' sloshes noisily with alcoholic brew. Judging by the markings on the flagon, it's a VERY strong drink, and not to be trifled with.

Stats Edit

  • Effects: Restores hunger by 15. Raises lust by 15.
  • Value: 6

Transformations Edit

Goblin Ale will turn the champion more and more like a Goblin.

Stat Changes Edit

  • Reduces strength by 1, if over 50.
    • By 2 if over 70.
    • By 4 if over 90.
  • Reduces toughness by 1, if over 50.
    • By 2 if over 70.
    • By 4 if over 90.
  • Increases speed by 1 to 3. 33% chance.

Appearance Changes Edit

  • Reduces height by 1 to 6, if height is over 48. 50% chance.
  • Removes anemone hair. 50% chance.
  • Turns non-human arms to human arms. 25% chance.
  • Removes one penis, if has more than one. 33% chance.
  • Decreases penis length by 1 to 4, if over 12 inches long. Requires hyper happy mode off and only one penis. 50% chance.
  • Removes wings. 25% chance.
  • Removes antennae. 33% chance.
  • Removes non-human eyes. 20% chance.
  • Removes one extra breast row. 33% chance.
  • Removes non-plain skin. Must have human face. 25% chance.
  • Changes skin tone to dark green, pale yellow, or grayish-blue. Tone must not be those or green. 50% chance.
    • Dark green has a 90% chance.
    • Pale yellow and grayish-blue have a 5% chance each.
  • Changes face to human. Requires elfin ears. 25% chance.
  • Changes ears to elfin. 33% chance.
  • Removes gills. 20% chance.
  • Removes black nipples. 33% chance.
  • Changes sand trap vagina to human vagina. 33% chance.
  • Decreases anal wetness by 1, if wetness is over dry. Will also decrease looseness by 1 if looseness is over tight. 20% chance.

Miscellaneous Changes Edit

  • Removes any oviposition perk. 20% chance.
  • Increases vaginal capacity by 5, if under 40. 33% chance.
  • Increases fertility by 1 to 7, if under 40. 25% chance.
  • Changes femininity by 3, if femininity isn't 85. 17% chance.
  • Changes thickness by 3, if thickness isn't 20. 17% chance.
  • Changes tone by 5, if tone isn't 15. 17% chance.

Trivia Edit

  • Oddly enough, though the ale won't change green skin, it won't turn skin green.
  • While most face type transformations describe unbearable pain and sheer agony, the Goblin Ale's transformation is simply the champion sneezing and realizing their face is human.
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