Goblin Assassin
Goblin sprite (Used for the Goblin Assassin)
Level 10
Hit Points 230
Strength 45
Toughness 55
Speed 110
Intelligence 95
Libido 65
Sensitivity 35
Corruption 60
Lust 50
Vulnerability* 0
Gems Drop 34
Items Drop Goblin Ale
Hair Dye*
Skills Drug Attack
Lust Needle
Dual Shot
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Goblin
Breed Goblin Assassin
Codex Goblin (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 3'1"
Build Curvy
Ears Pierced
Skin Pale green
Hair Wavy, blue
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts E-cup
Vagina Normal, drooling
Capacity +90
Butthole Normal, dry
Capacity +50
Pregnant? Yes*
Egg-Bearing? Yes*
Clothing Belt with needles
Fishnet stockings
Piercings On ears*
Weapon Needles +0
Armor Leather straps +0
Locations and More
Location(s) Wasteland
Interaction Fight

Content Author: Unknown

The Goblin Assassin is a goblin well experienced in combat. Goblin Assassins can appear in a number of places, but most notably are encountered by exploring the Wasteland, the Forest, or the Mountain. Unlike other goblins, the Goblin Assassin seems less focused on defeating the champion for sex-- but should the champion lose, the Goblin Assassin will take advantage of them.

Goblin Assassin
Her appearance is that of a regular goblin, curvy and pale green, perhaps slightly taller than the norm. Her wavy, untamed hair is a deep shade of blue, covering her pierced ears and reaching just above her shoulders. Her soft curves are accentuated by her choice of wear, a single belt lined with assorted needles strapped across her full chest and a pair of fishnet stockings reaching up to her thick thighs. She bounces on the spot, preparing to dodge anything you might have in store, though your eyes seem to wander towards her bare slit and jiggling ass. Despite her obvious knowledge in combat, she’s a goblin all the same – a hard cock can go a long way.

History Edit

Goblins were originally an intelligent, peaceful species with skills in technology. When the demons came, however, they grew too corrupt to think of anything but sex, and abandoned their ways.

These particular goblins work as assassins, though who hired them is unknown.

Interactions Edit

  • First encounter will have the Goblin Assassin throw a needle at the champion's feet and jump down from a higher ledge, seeming confident. The champion takes the moment before to note that the needle is finely crafted.
  • Repeat encounters have the Goblin Assassin appear in front of the champion as a blur and ready their strap of needles for battle. The champion pulls out their weapon.

Sexual Interactions Edit

  • Vaginal Rape: Win battle, have penis
  • Too-Big Vaginal: Win battle, have penis larger than vaginal capacity
  • Corrupt Too-Big Vaginal: Win battle, have penis larger than vaginal capacity, 80+ corruption, have corrupted Jojo to at least stage 3
  • Anal Rape: Win battle, have penis, 70+ corruption
  • Jogging Sex: Win battle, have penis
  • Breastfeed: Win battle, have Feeder perk
  • Web Condom: Win battle, have spider abdomen
  • Oral Rape: Win battle, have vagina
  • Lay Eggs: Win battle, have ovipositor
  • Condom: Win battle, have condom
  • Get Raped: Lose battle

Combat Edit

The Goblin Assassin is, overall, not a very difficult opponent, but can be a surprise to a champion who isn't expecting to see one. Like most goblins, the Goblin Assassin is vulnerable to Lust-based attacks and doesn't have notable defense. A few whacks will usually suffice. They are, however, higher-leveled than the regular goblin, and have some unique special attacks. They're also capable of using Tease attacks themselves.

Like regular goblins, the Goblin Assassin can use various drugs in battle. They will uncork a glass bottle and fling its contents at the champion. A red fluid will gradually increase the champion's lust, a green fluid will lower HP every turn, a white fluid will make it harder to flee, and a black fluid will increase fatigue. The Goblin Assassin can also drink a blue potion, which restores their health.

They also have a Lust Needle at their disposal, which will sharply increase the champion's lust, but only for that turn. Evading the attack still results in a slight lust increase.

The Goblin Assassin might use their Dual Shot attack, which is them distracting the champion and attempting to stab poison in the back of the champion's legs. Failing to evade results in a slight lust increase and a fair loss of HP.

Perhaps the most dangerous move, the Goblin Assassin can throw a pair of explosive needles at the champion, which results in a high HP loss. This attack can't be evaded.

Trivia Edit

  • The Goblin Assassin's drop items are a clone of a regular goblin's. There's a note for the drops to be changed. The progress of the change is unknown.
  • The vaginal rape scene's requirements are listed as "at least one [penis] and a copy of Atlas Shrugged". What this joke means is unknown.
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