Mareth is the home of several gods and goddesses. Some ruled the land long before humans arrived, being the earliest sapient beings of the land. Others may have arrived later.

God and Goddess NPCsEdit

  • Akbal — Portraying himself as God of the Terrestrial Fire, though is just a powerful demon held in the Deepwoods by Marae's curse.
  • Carol — A giant goddess-like spirit whom you can encounter exploring the High Mountain around Christmas.
  • Fera — A rogue goddess who can be freed by feeding a special Deepwoods pumpkin with copious amounts of jizz. One of the Yearly Event characters.
  • Marae — The goddess of the land known as Mareth, who asks the Champion for their help. Found by using the Boat.
  • Taoth — Trickster god. Plays a key role in Urta's Fertility Quest.
  • Anzu Annuna — God of Storms, originally the patron deity of the city of Mittani, who escaped to Mareth after betraying the other deities in his world.

Becoming a GodEdit

What? Don't be ridiculous!

Actually, you can at least become the mother of a reincarnated god, Taoth. If you have a vagina that is, and if Urta succeeds in her Fertility Quest. If you are a male you can father Taoth too.

Gods & Goddesses
Akbal Carol Fera Marae Taoth
♣ Foreign Gods, or demons playing the part.