Goo-morph Score
Transformative: Wet Cloth
If you have Add
Gooey hair 1
Slimey skin 1
Legs melded into an amorphous blob 1
Vagina that can stretch to fit any object 1
Fluid dependent 1

Content Author: Unknown

The goo-morph is one of the many sapient species of Mareth. The goo-morph is described in an official codex.

Despite a very alien physiology, the goo-morph race actually developed from human stock as a result of deliberate genetic experiments. Early examples were a lot more human than the current goo-girls.

Goo QueenEdit

The physical shape of the current regular goo-girl is actually a red heart shaped object. The "body" most people think of as the goo-girl, is just a shell of goo protecting the "heart". The goo-girl is able to change this goo body at will and even discard it and build herself a new one. It is possible for two or more goo girls to cooperate and share the same body. If a large number (12 or more) goo girls do that, the result is known as a Goo Queen.


Although all goo people are supposed to be female, it is possible for a male of some other race to be transformed into goo form and retain his gender. Such a person is referred to as a goo-boi or goo-boy. A genderless goo-person with a predominantly male appearance (that is small or flat breasts) is also classified as a goo-boy.

Goo-morph NPCsEdit

  • Unnamed Goo-girls — Found in the Lake.
  • Valeria — Formerly a human, Valeria is a bipedal goo-girl found in the Tower of the Phoenix, living inside a set of steel plate. She will offer to join the Champion after defeating her in combat, and can be worn as armor.

Becoming a goo-girl or goo-boyEdit

To be classified as a goo-person you need to have a goo score of 3 or more. Your goo score take precedence over all other transformative scores. Whether you are referred to as a goo-girl or goo-boi depends on your genitals and breast size. If you are male or genderless with small or flat breasts, you are a goo-boi, otherwise you are a goo-girl.

Bad End transformationsEdit

  • In the Goo-Girl Queen Bad End you merge with several goo girls to become a Goo Queen.
  • In the Slime Queen Bad End you are transformed into a "Slime Queen". It's not clear whether this is some kind of green slime or goo-girl or something different from both.
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