For other uses, see Goo Armor and Goo Armor (Monster).

Goo Armor
General Information
Type Armor
Usage Defense
Boosts Defense +22
Requirement Valeria
Merchant Information
Sell Value 1
Locations Found
Found At Tower of the Phoenix
Drop From Valeria
Regarding Savin's Work
All future add-ons for Goo Armor (Armor) have been shelved for the original game by Savin himself, plus any of the mods written since Fenoxo released the source. Savin, the only author of content for the original CoC who has complained to Kitteh and staff of the Revamp Mod, said he does not want any modifications to his work since no one will know what he had written or what was added on afterwards.

Do not make any requests dealing with the content on this page and all content on other projects done by Savin, whether it be to Savin, the original CoC staff, to the Revamp Mod development staff, or any other mods being worked on. The answer is going to be the same: No.

Content Author: Savin

The Goo Armor is a set of Platemail Armor that Valeria has wrapped herself around. It's gotten by the champion defeating Valeria in battle and agreeing to have her as their armor.

Goo Armor, when put on
Awkwardly, you strip out of your gear and open up the platemail armor and clamber in. It's wet and squishy, making you shudder and squirm as you squash your new friend flat against the metal armor. Eventually, the two of you get situated. The goo-girl slips around your body inside the heavy armor, maneuvering so that your face is unobstructed and your joints, not protected by the armor, are soundly clad in squishy goo. She even forms a gooey beaver on your new helm, allowing you to open and close her like a visor in battle.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This shining suit of platemail is more than just platemail - it houses the goo-girl, Valeria! Together, they provide one tough defense, but you had better be okay with having goo handling your junk while you fight if you wear this!

Stats Edit

  • Base Defense: 22
  • Value: 1
  • Classification: Armor, weight unknown
  • Cannot be worn without Valeria
  • Feeds Valeria if the champion has sex while wearing it

Trivia Edit

  • The Goo Armor unlocks special sex scenes, such as one between the champion, Valeria, and a Goo-girl if the champion defeats a Goo-girl in battle and has sufficient lust.
  • Putting the Goo Armor on for the first time awards the achievement "Goo Armor".
  • If the champion has less than 15 hunger, the Goo Armor will feed them and increase lust.
  • The Goo Armor enemy has higher defense from the armor than the champion gets by wearing it.

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