For other uses, see Goo Armor and Goo Armor (Armor).

Goo Armor
Valeria, the Goo Armor
Level 16
Hit Points 650
Strength 60
Toughness 50
Speed 50
Intelligence 40
Libido 60
Sensitivity 35
Corruption 50
Lust 0
Vulnerability* 0.35
Gems Drop 40-65
Nickname Valeria
Variant Valeria
Goo Armor (Armor)
Goo Armor (Monster)
Skills Silencing
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Goo-morph
Breed Goo-girl
Codex Goo-girl (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 6ft
Build Average
Face Feminine, angular features
Legs Goo, human-shaped
Feet Goo, human-shaped
Skin Goo, blue
Hair Goo, neck-length
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts C-cup, 0.5in nipples
Penis Human, 12in*
Vagina Human, slavering
Capacity Gaping wide
Butthole Slime-drooling
Capacity Stretched
Threesome Goo-girl
Impregnate? Yes
Weapon Gooey Greatsword atk+60
Armor Platemail Armor def+50
Locations and More
Quest(s) Helia's Request
Location(s) Tower of the Phoenix
Glacial Rift*
Interaction Combat
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Content Author: Savin

The Goo Armor, better known as Valeria, is a set of Platemail Armor found at the Tower of the Phoenix, and later at the Glacial Rift if the champion decides to not take the armor upon defeating it. The Goo Armor is encountered by going up to the armor rack outside the Tower of the Phoenix and choosing to take the armor. The Goo Armor will then get angry and attack.

Goo Armor
Before you stands a suit of plated mail armor filled with a bright blue goo, standing perhaps six feet off the ground. She has a beautiful, feminine face, and her scowl as she stands before you is almost cute. She has formed a mighty greatsword from her goo, and has assumed the stance of a well-trained warrior.

Interactions Edit

Main article: Valeria#Interactions

The Goo Armor is primarily battled, but has some miscellaneous scenes as well.

Sexual Interactions Edit

  • Appears in every sex scene if worn
  • Threesome with Goo-girl if champion beats one, is wearing Goo Armor, and has 33+ lust
  • Will rape non-sexless champion if she wins

Talk to Goo Armor Edit

The champion can talk to the Goo Armor after defeating the Harpy Hoard, provided that they took the armor when offered. She will talk about Brigid, the Harpy Queen, and/or the Phoenix Platoon as long as they haven't been defeated. Nothing she says is notable or useful, and over-exaggerates the strength of them.

Recruitment Edit

To recruit the Goo Armor, the champion must defeat it in battle then choose to take it as their armor. Taking off the armor will add Valeria to camp, where the champion can ask at any time for her to be the Goo Armor again.

Combat Edit

The Goo Armor can be surprisingly difficult considering that a set of armor shouldn't be that difficult to battle. She also has the highest defense and attack boosts than any other enemy in the Tower of the Phoenix.

The Goo Armor has a fairly high libido, but a high lust resistance as well, making teasing or using Arouse on her tricky. It's usually easiest to just defeat her by dropping her health to zero.

The armor has strong attacks, as well as the ability to silence or immobilize her opponents. Silencing disables spells, and too many turns of immobilization can lead to the armor winning. A champion who wishes to challenge her should be ready to deal with these things. Relying on spells isn't advised, and a high speed will make short work of immobilization.

Trivia Edit

  • The Goo Armor's hair is 15 inches long and colored black according to the Inspect button.
  • Though the Goo Armor is officially 6 feet tall, its height can range between 5'10" and 6'6" in the Inspect button.
  • The Goo Armor has hips between ample and curvy, and her butt is large. In her official description, her hips are called average and her butt is muscular.

Wearables are items that are worn to boost or lower stats. They are different from weapons due to the fact that they are not directly used to hit the opponent, or that hitting the opponent is not their primary purpose. Rather, they aid combat in other ways.

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