One of the wagons proudly proclaims itself to be Greta's Garments, though both 'G's are emphasized with cute, stylized devil horns, and the 'S' is shaped in the form of a spaded, demonic tail. Obviously it must some kind of clothing shop.

Greta's Garments is a clothing shop that can be found in the Bizarre Bazaar, run by the succubus Greta.

When first visited, Greta's Garments only stocks a single unique item, the Lusty Maiden's Armor. When asked why she has no other stock, she explains that not only has she just moved to the Bazaar but also that there's quite a waiting list for her clothes; specifically cock-socks which have proven very popular with the herms and femboys who attend the bazaar.

When you return 24 hours after your inquiry her stock will be renewed and she will start selling Cock-socks to the Champion.


  • Greta's Garments was added in version 0.7.8d as a corrupt counterpart to the Tailor shop in Tel'Adre.
  • Cock-socks were added in version 0.7.10a
  • If you do not have a sockless cock then the menu will not appear.
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