Harpy Score
Transformative: Golden Seed
If you have Add Comments
Feathered arms 1
Feathery hair 1
Large, feathery wings 1
Harpy tail 1
Harpy legs 1
Human face 0 or 1 Add 1 only if you have at least two of the five traits listed above.
Human ears 0 or 1 Add 1 only if you have at least two of the traits listed above.

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The Harpy is an anthropomorphic bird and one of the many sapient species of Mareth. The harpy is described in Harpy Codex.


Although all harpies are born female, it is possible for a male of some other race to transform gaining all harpy traits except for the gender. Such "male harpies" are known as Avians.

Harpy NPCsEdit

  • Brigid — The jailor at the Tower of the Phoenix (Hel's Dungeon).
  • Chicken harpy — A strange harpy who can be found wandering the High Mountain and who will trade eggs of any color for ovi elixirs; two for a small egg, three for a large egg.
  • Cockgobbler — A strange harpy who will appear to dick-equipped Champions once per year. A Yearly Event character.
  • Group of Harpies — encountered at the Tower of the Phoenix.
  • Harpy Queen — The mistress of the Tower of the Phoenix.
  • Kiri — A friendly harpy and Helia's half-sister, encountered at the Tower of the Phoenix.
  • Sophie — A harpy that wants to breed and cuddle with the hero or drink the heroine's breast milk. Turns into an enemy if the Champion chooses to dominate her.
  • Sophie's daughters — Stays with their mother at first. When they get older they make an artificial mountain (just a pile of rocks really) at the fringe of the camp to build their own nests.
  • Unnamed harpies — encountered in the High Mountain. They rape males and herms to breed.

Becoming a Harpy or an AvianEdit

To be classified as a harpy or an avian you need to have a harpy score of 4 or more. The harpy score takes precedence over most other transformative scores. The only scores with a higher priority are the goo-girl score, the kangaroo-morph score and the spider score.

Whether you are an avian or a harpy depends on your gender. If you have a vagina, you are a harpy, if not you are an avian.

Bad End transformationsEdit

In the Harpy's Breeding Slave and Queen Brigid Bad Ends you are enslaved and turned into breeding stock for the harpies.

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