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Race: Harpy

Genders: Exclusively Female

Hair: Instead of hair, a harpy will have long, downy feathers growing from her head. Most often the feathers are brown, but can be white, red, or even blue depending on the harpy’s subspecies.

Skin: A harpy's skin is similar to a human's in most respects, though aside from her face and the front portion of her torso, a harpy’s body will be entirely covered with feathers to aid in flight.

Eyes: Normally a harpy's eyes are solid yellow save for a black iris. Highly corrupted harpies will sometimes have red eyes instead.

Facial Features: Harpies have very humanoid faces. The biggest difference between a harpy's face and a human's is the harpy's pointed, elf-like ears. Harpies also have larger, more 'round' eyes that give them a slightly alien appearance but aid them in locating food and material from high altitude. Their lips slightly fuller than a human's as well, though the difference is small.

Build: The body structure of a harpy is geared towards lean muscle and minimizing weight in order to better maintain an airborne existence. Their bones are hollow, to minimize weight, and the materials they’re made from makes them nearly as strong as a human’s. Most harpies have very small breasts and only very rarely reach a C or D cup. Breast tissue is unnecessary when you do not need to lactate for your children. Hips are one attribute that harpies have in excess. Since they lay large eggs, their hips are very wide to allow the egg to pass more easily.

Wings: Harpies have two sets of wings — a primary pair that grows from their backs and a secondary pair in place of arms. The secondary pair maintain most of their arm-like structure, all the way down to having elbows and being tipped with hands.

Legs: Harpies have thick, powerful thighs — a useful attribute for capturing smaller mates for mid-air coitus. Their feet are tipped with razor-sharp talons that should be avoided at all costs. Many 'victims' choose not to resist a harpy's attentions, in order to protect themselves.

Reproduction: Like goblins, harpies reproductive systems can take almost any variety of sperm and use it to lay an egg of their own race. Unfortunately, they cannot convert demonic sperm or minotaur seed into a harpy, and in the rare instances where one of those species can force a harpy to copulate, the harpy will inevitably have to birth imps or a minotaur. For this reason harpies kill imps on sight and avoid minotaurs.

Civilization: Harpies have never been civilized. Before the demon-times, they were considered a nuisance to most adults. Most villages filled the ears of their young males with horror stories of winged monsters that ate men. The truth is that during the fertile part of any harpy's ovulation cycle, that harpy would ambush the first lone male she found, lock his member inside her vagina with her powerful thighs, and then take off to prevent him from escaping. After forcing the male to fertilize her for a day, she would release the exhausted victim. Harpies aren't stupid and can talk, but they are fantastically lazy when it comes to anything other than seeing to their bodies needs.

Since harpies roost on the upper reaches of the High Mountain, it’s inevitable that they became corrupted quite quickly. Corruption had fairly little effect on the harpies. Sure it boosted their libidos, but that only lead to more frequent masturbation. The most profound effect was a large increase in fertility and massive decrease in gestation time. Now harpies lay their eggs within a few days of insemination and the young are hatch and fully mature with the span of a month. It’s now fairly common to find the harpies prowling for a mate in the plains or hunting food in the mountain’s upper reaches.

Other Notes: They are fond of wearing a yellow-tinted lip gloss that is made from stolen bee-girl pollen. They'll often steal it at night when most of the bee-girls are sleeping. The pollen has little effect on the harpies, but has multiple effects on their victims. It can be absorbed through the lips or genitals of a male, and as a potent, delayed aphrodisiac it will torment the man with lust for hours. The lip-gloss also serves as a focus for a small amount of latent, magical talent. When a harpy utters a command, she will focus her magic through her lips, imbuing it with a difficult to resist compulsion. Some harpies have mastered this art, and will sing commands to lure in weak-willed men.

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