Heal Pill
General Information
Type Consumable
Usage Healing
Changes Restores Health of Champion
Chance to raise Lust/Sensitivity/Libido by 1
Merchant Information
Buy Value 100
Sell Value 6
Locations Found
Bought From Rathazul

Content Author: Unknown

A small Healing Pill purchased from Rathazul

A small healing pill, when consumed
You pop the small pill into your mouth and swallow.

(If health is restored)
Some of your wounds are healed.

(If Raises Libido)
You feel a sense of warmth spread through your erogenous areas.

(If Raises Lust)
You feel an odd sensation. You shudder as a small orgasm passes through you. When you recover you actually feel more aroused.

(If Raises Sensitivity)
Your body tingles and feels more sensitive.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

A small healing pill that's guaranteed to heal you by a bit.

Stats Edit

  • Effects: Restores 126 health.
  • Effects: Chance to raise Lust/Libido/Sensitivity by 1
  • Value: 6