Regarding Savin's Work
All future add-ons for Helia have been shelved for the original game by Savin himself, plus any of the mods written since Fenoxo released the source. Savin, the only author of content for the original CoC who has complained to Kitteh and staff of the Revamp Mod, said he does not want any modifications to his work since no one will know what he had written or what was added on afterwards.

Do not make any requests dealing with the content on this page and all content on other projects done by Savin, whether it be to Savin, the original CoC staff, to the Revamp Mod development staff, or any other mods being worked on. The answer is going to be the same: No.

Content Author: Savin

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Level 16
Hit Points 475
Strength 80
Toughness 70
Speed 75
Intelligence 60
Libido 65
Sensitivity 25
Corruption 30
Lust 30
Vulnerability* 0.35
Gems Drop 10-14
Items Drop Reptilum
Chainmail Bikini
Gender Female
Age 23
Body Parts
Height 7'
Build Slender
Eyes Bright red
Torso full hips and ass, back covered by scales
Arms forearm covered by scales
Legs covered by scales
Skin White
Hair Red
Scales Crimson
Tail long, scaly tail swishes behind her, ablaze with a red-hot fire
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts E-cup
Threesome Urta
Moresome Miko & Mai
Clothing Chainmail Bikini
Weapon Scimitar

"So, lover mine, care to blow off some steam?"

Helia, or Hel, is a female salamander who can be encountered in the Plains. Whilst not an inherently corrupt creature, the combination of the dangers of the world, her rowdy sexuality and her berserker nature means that she will attack the Champion on sight.

Initial meeting between Helia and Champion.
You are fighting a (literally) smoking hot salamander – a seven foot tall woman with crimson scales covering her legs, back, and forearms, with a tail swishing menacingly behind her, ablaze with a red-hot fire. Her red hair whips wildly around her slender shoulders, occasionally flitting over her hefty E-cup breasts, only just concealed within a scale-covered bikini top. Bright red eyes focus on you from an almost-human face as she circles you, ready to close in for the kill. Her brutal, curved sword is raised to her side, feinting at you between genuine attacks.

Ingame Description:
Hel is a salamander, seven feet tall with crimson scales covering her legs, back and forearms. A long, scaly tail swishes behind her, ablaze with a red-hot fire. Bright red eyes light up an almost-human face and her red hair whips wildly around slender shoulders, occasionally flitting over her hefty E-cup breasts which are barely concealed within a scale-covered bikini top.


According to Helia, she is the only remnant of a small tribe of about 12-14 Salamanders who once hunted on the Plains. She believes her father, Hakon, was killed by Harpies before she was born, whilst the rest of her tribe was whittled down over the years by monsters, predominantly Gnolls and demons; the last of her tribesfolk having been captured and enslaved by a Gnoll tribe roughly a year before the Champion meets her. Since then she has survived on her own as best she can; fighting, stealing and raping indiscriminately (not always in that order). She notes that the Hero is the first person to give as good as they got from her, which is implied to be why she has developed such fond feelings for them.


Initial EncounterEdit

Hel regards combat as a kind of rough foreplay, so she doesn't particularly care who wins or loses. She will attack the Champion as soon as she sees them, though her mood is fairly playful unless a corrupt Hero rapes her after beating her.


Hel can be a tough opponent for lower level characters, but her armour-piercing attacks can be a problem for stronger Champions as well. Blind and charge weapon are both effective against her, as is Whitefire, despite her own fiery nature. Beating her with high corruption gives multiple options to rape her, either anally or forcing her to rim you. If you instead wait for her to catch her breath, or do not have a high enough corruption to trigger the scenes, she instead propositions the Champion for consensual sex with multiple different scenes possible:

  • Vaginal
  • Anal
  • Get blown
  • Tail wank
  • Double penetration
  • Get tail pegged
  • Possess (With the Intangibility perk)
  • Coilfuck (with Constrict perk and at least one penis)

Minor encounterEdit

In an optional sex scene at the beginning of Urta's Fertility Quest, Urta decides to go to The Wet Bitch for a drink before setting out on her quest. There she meets Helia, Miko & Mai and they end up in a foursome.

The foursome scene with Helia, Miko & Mai is also available to the Champion but only after Helia reaches fuckbuddy status. Taking part in this scene will cause her affection for the Hero to raise 5%.


The Champion can show themselves to be a good sport by fighting her and following up with "consensual" sex, which means losing to her or beating her and then waiting for her to catch her breath rather than choosing the special options related to high corruption. After doing this five times, a scene triggers in which they encounter her raping a stray Minotaur. If the Champion takes part in this as a threesome, then afterwards Hel will be willing to stick around and talk with them about herself.

The Hero can then ask her about her berserk fighting style, ask why she keeps attacking him/her, ask for a second round of sex, or just leave.

Asking about berserking causes her to explain it's just how she fights, having learned it from her tribe whilst growing up; she simply spends an hour each day when she wakes up stewing over every thing she hates, fermenting into a livid fury in which she's ready to attack anything she sees.

If the Champion asks why she attacks them, she apologetically explains she can't really control herself sometimes; she's spent so long killing and raping everything she encounters that she doesn't really know how to operate in any other way, though she insists she is merely trying to be teasing and playful when it comes to the Hero — s/he is special to her. The Champion then notes that they could still ask her to stop attacking them on sight, as it might even allow them to skip "straight to the fun stuff".

If the Champion chooses not to ask her to stop, then the cycle will continue, up until the Hero does ask her to stop.

If the Champion does ask her to stop, she will press her face against the Hero and inhale deeply, explaining she's memorizing their scent and will be able to use this to try and force herself out of the "kill it" mode of her berserk state. However, she warns them that they will still need to "spar" with her in a different fashion if they want her thinking clearly. This sets Helia into "fuckbuddy mode"; she no longer attacks the Champion on sight and instead offers them sex.

Choosing the "Minotaurs are bad" option has the Champion warn her about the addictive effects of Minotaur cum and that she therefore shouldn't have sex with Minotaurs, which she says she doesn't understand but accepts because she trusts the Hero not to lie to her. However, she'll insist that since the Champion is the only other thing she's met that can satisfy her sex drive as well as a Minotaur, she'll need to have sex with the Champion more often. At that point, the Hero can either agree, which causes her to be encountered outside the Plains, or allow her to have sex with Minotaurs. Agreeing but then denying her the sex when she seeks you out causes her to get angry and masturbate while glaring at you. This drops her affection by 20% each time, so be careful.

Once Helia and the Champion have reached fuckbuddy status, the Hero can encounter her in Tel'Adre at The Wet Bitch with Miko & Mai. If the Champion has reached a point in their relationship with Edryn that the centaur is no longer asking for money for sex, Helia will mention that she wouldn't mind "sticking" it to Edryn. The Champion will then have the option to choose either [Edryn3Some] or [Fox Girls].

Helia's DungeonEdit

One of the game's mini-quests is that a Champion who patiently woos Helia can be asked to partake in a rescue mission to the Tower of the Phoenix. The quest will start by Helia seeking out the Champion's camp in the night once her affection for the Hero has reached 70% (at this point it will not go any higher without completing the mini-quest). The Champion will then have the option of accepting or declining the mission. Declining will reset her affection meter to 0%.

Lover HeliaEdit

After completing Helia's dungeon mini-quest, the Champion who increases Helia's affection meter to 95% will have the option to ask Helia to move into Camp with them. The in-camp transition scene will vary depending on whether the Hero has Isabella and/or Kiha as a Lover, Rathazul as a Follower and Bimbo Sophie as a Slave. Upon seeing Sophie, Helia will cause a commotion telling you that it's her or the harpy. (This does not happen if Sophie is in the followers section) The Champion will have to pick one of three options:

  • Boot Hel
  • Boot Sophie
  • Work it Out

Champion with high enough intelligence can work things out between them, explaining that Sophie is too stupid to survive alone and that she was turned into a bimbo who only understands how to have sex. Eventually after Sophie keeps bothering Hel to have sex with her, Hel finally gives in. After the transition, Helia will be located in the Lovers tab, providing you with nine options:

  • Appearance
  • Talk
  • Sex
  • Threesome
  • Hug
  • Spar
  • Box
  • Bathe
  • Guard Camp

The Champion and Helia can have an in-camp threesome with either Kiha, Vapula or Valeria if they have them as followers. If the Hero has high enough intelligence with Kiha, Isabella and Helia as followers, they can join the girls in a game of poker. If the Champion chooses to bathe with Hel, they will encounter a scene where Hel will say that she doesn't feel like it. The Champion can choose to drop it, or press the issue further. Pressing the issue further results in Helia admitting to the player that she doesn't know how to swim. The Champion can then choose to drop it or teach Helia to swim. Teaching Helia how to swim results in the two being able to share a cuddle scene in the Lake each time. Talking with Helia results in several encounters, one being she talks about getting gang-raped by gnoll fem-boys when she was younger, and gets off by telling you about how it was. Choosing to Box against Helia and winning results in victory sex. All the same options that would be out on the field. Possessing Helia results in sex with Izma. Applies to Sparring and Sex options as well.

The Pale FlameEdit

After Helia moves into camp, she gains a new "Bonus Points" statistic, which is filled up with the usual sexings. Once the BP count reaches 150, Helia will awaken the Champion and ask to talk to them. During the conversation, she will admit her love for them, and inform them about a unique salamander racial trait: the Pale Flame. Now that she has fallen in love with the Hero, her normal salamander infertility is gone, and she is finally receptive to impregnation. The player can admit they return her affections (or not), and choose to either father Hel's children, have Mai do so, or ask her to go find a Spider-boy to do the deed. The Hero can choose to have her wait (currently unimplemented) .

Once Helia has been impregnated, she will carry her offspring for several weeks, initiating several unique scenes and Talk options, including the option to choose a preferred gender (which has no effect; Helspawn will always be a girl) and talk about names. During said talk, Helia mentions a legend about a certain beautiful sword. During this time, Hel will be unwilling to spar or wrestle with the Champion, though she continues to perform her guard duty, and complains bitterly about the limitations of her progressively more gravid form. At the end of her pregnancy, Hel will give birth to a baby salamander girl (with possible mutations, depending on the father: fox ears for Mai, and black scales for Spider-boy), giving the Champion the option to name their daughter. Up until Helspawn grows into an adult, your daughter will be available for interaction in Hel's Lover menu; once she is an adult, Helspawn will be moved to the Followers tab.


  • The maximum Cock Area (Cock Length x Cock Thickness) Hel can take in most penetration situations is 85 in². This limitation does not seem to apply for form-specific one-on-one interactions while having Naga or Centaur lower body, nor does it apply when having a three-way with Edryn.
  • She and Isabella have a serious grudge against each other, due to Isabella unintentionally stealing the Salamander's prized bandana, a gift from her mother. Isabella is using it for a bow on her tail, and refuses to give it back to Helia because she took it from some gnolls she fought and does not believe she stole it. The Champion can make peace between them or let them fight it out.
  • Hel is implied ingame (and stated by her author) to have a pronounced fetish for group sex.
  • Helia is currently able to engage the Champion in threesomes with a Minotaur, Isabella, Edryn, Vapula, Valeria and Kiha as well as have a four-way with a pair of fox-morph hermaphrodites, Miko & Mai. Plus, a one-time fourway between Helia, Miko & Mai, and Urta. Further threesome scenes are planned.
  • Requirements for Isabella threesome: Hel must be at fuck-buddy status, Isabella cannot be mad if in Plains or must be a Camp Lover. The event should proc about 1/30 times in the Plains or once every 14 days at night if Isabella is a follower. If Champion had more than one dick, it triggers a "double decker" sex scene.
  • Helia will appear in the The Wet Bitch at roughly 14, 15 or 16 o'clock each day, if the Champion has set her into "fuck-buddy mode". If the Hero sees her, they can ask to have a foursome with her, Miko & Mai, or ask to have a threesome with Edryn, if they have the ability to sex Edryn for free.
  • The Salamanders are explicitly inspired by the monster-girl of the same name from Kenkou Cross's "The Monster Girl Encyclopedia."
  • There is a short reference to the Nickelodeon animated TV series Danny Phantom if you choose to possess Hel, where the Champion shouts "I'M GOING GHOST!" before possessing her and fucking the bunny-girl in the Plains.
  • There is a meme located in the talk menu after she has moved in as a lover, in the hug tool tip.
  • If the player has a high enough intellect along with Hel, Isabella and Kiha as followers then they can receive a special scene where they join the three in a game of Poker.
  • Helia was revealed to have acquired her lust for group sex from an encounter with a group of gnolls whose queen and males take turns raping her in a large group for hours on end.
  • During the last week or so of August, a Birthday Bash event plays for characters with Lover Helia, celebrating the one-year anniversary of the lusty salamander's first appearance in the game.
  • While pregnant with Helspawn, Helia will reveal the name of her mother: Tanis en Khalesin.
  • During one of the chats with Helia as a lover, she has a chance to mention an old Salamander legend about a certain Beautiful Sword that's resistant to corruption.

If you name your daughter Tanis, Helia will say "I don't... I don't know if I want her to have that name, lover. It's got a lot of baggage, but... but it does my mother an honor. More than I could ever give her."

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