Content Author: TheDarkMaster

Codex: Hellhound


Level: 5 HP: 170

Found in: Mountain


  • Canine Pepper
    • Bulbous Canine Pepper
    • Double Canine Pepper
    • Knotty Canine Pepper
    • Overly Large Canine Pepper
    • Solid Black Canine Pepper
  • 10-19 gems

Known abilitiesEdit

  • Hellhounds can sniff out a foes scent during battle, making it harder to flee.
  • Hellhounds have a Hellfire ability that can cause damage and increase lust.
  • Infested Hellhounds will additionally fire their worm cannon as a lust attack.

Sex ScenesEdit


  • Rape Vaginal/Anal: requires loss by lust; vagina
  • Rape Anal: requires loss by lust; no vagina


  • Dog Lick: requires win by lust; penis; lust higher than 33
  • Dog Fuck: requires win; vagina; lust higher than 33 (scenes vary based on Corruption)

Infested variationsEdit


  • Worm-Depositing Ass-Rape: requires loss. If Champion has a vagina, that will also be raped.

Note: this will decrease fertility for female or herm Champion.

  • Infested Urethra Fuck; requires loss; biggest cock area of 40 or more


Hellhounds can impregnate Champion if they have a vagina. The pregnancy takes around 350 ingame hours. Completing it lowers Toughness and Strength, and raises Speed.


  • Having a Hellhound as a pet or follower was intended to be put into the game at some point. (Would it be difficult)
  • There is a variant that has been infected by Worms. Infested Hellhounds drop the same items at the same rate, but are stronger and will infect.
  • The worm cannon is more effective against already infected Champion and with high Libido and Corruption stats. Not picking the first option during the worm sign event and/or being female will significantly lower the effect.
  • Being defeated by an Infested Hellhound with a cock area of 40 in² or more will get the Champion infected. If they have a vagina and no lower naga body, the beast will decide to plug 1-5 worms into both holes instead.