Author: TheDarkMaster

Height: 5.5-6 feet when standing

Body-Type: Biped or quadrupedal, it is completely comfortable with either

Fur/Pelt: Thick armor of black fur

Eye Color: Red, full of corrupt flames

Appearance: A hellhound looks like a two headed humanoid with multiple canine characteristics. Its heads are a mix of human and canine features, its hind legs are digitigrade with dog like paws on the ends, and its hands are covered in dog like claws. They are powerfully built creatures with quick reflexes as well with unnatural endurance.

Diet and hunting habits: Hellhounds are predators that typically prey on smaller corrupt creatures like goblins or imps. They typically will try to overpower their prey through force, then rape their victims. After they have finished, they may decide to let their catch go, or they may proceed to devour it. While hellhounds often will try to attack the first thing that they happen upon, they will almost never eat anything that isn't a goblin or an imp. Their food is consumed by their flames, and nay waste that results is ejected when they breath fire. This causes them to not need an asshole, and thus they do not have one.

Sexual Characteristics: A pair of eight inch long pointed black shafts with a quad of balls underneath that carry the same flames as in their eyes.

Special Abilities: Hellhounds can breath corrupt flames to hurt their foes and fill them with tainted desire. Hellhounds may also sniff out a foes scent during battle, making it harder for the foe to flee. Hellhounds also have the power to link their minds with a powerful corrupted individual, drawing on that individual’s mind to allow them to think, in exchange for absolute loyalty to their new "master". The first power that a hellhound generally gains from such a link is the power to speak, and the sharper their master's mind, the greater their own abilities become.

Mentality: The mind of a hellhound is like that of a lost, horny child when they do not have a master. It is through these mental links that their minds become whole, and cease to be that of semi-conscious beasts.

Social Structure: Feral hellhounds (those without masters) often gather in packs, but they generally hunt on their own. When interacting with other hellhounds, competitions for dominance are common. These competitions typically revolve around a test of seduction, with the loser submitting themselves by going down on four legs, and using its two heads to pleasure the dicks of the one that it submitted too. This is one of only two time that the hellhound will go down on all fours, the only other being when they are out hunting.

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