The Hellhound Master is a masculine-leaning omnibus (male physique, but has both sets of genitalia) who, as the title implies, is the demon who created the hellhounds from corrupted dog-morphs.

The Hellhound Master may be encountered by while exploring the Mountain by the Champion who sufficiently resemble hellhounds. To qualify, they must have a dog face and tail, either dog legs or midnight black coloured hair/fur, corruption of 60 or more, and either two or more dog cocks or a vagina and presently be pregnant with a hellhound. The majority of these requirements can be satisfied by consuming canine peppers: solid black canine peppers allow a character to gain midnight black hair and double canine peppers are an easy method of gaining two dog cocks.

The Hellhound Master domain is a large valley tucked away inside the mountains. His home is a large fortified system of caves that can be found here. Just inside the entrance there are special dog kennels reserved for the strongest of the hellhounds. Other demons also keep their personal pet hellhounds in these kennels. There are more sections that haven't been expanded on such as The Pleasure Pits, Some Labs and the Inner Sanctum where the Hellhound Master himself resides.

The Hellhound Master is described as a mighty and beautiful masculine demon. He is seven feet tall, muscular and dark skinned. He has two 10 inch long cocks and two pussies.

After the initial encounter, the Champion may only encounter him a second time if possess Marae's Lethicite and haven't fully used it, in addition to the requirements above. In this encounter, the Hero has the option of giving a piece of the lethicite to the Hellhound Master in exchange for the Hellfire Special Attack and perk, or, if none of the lethicite has yet been used, giving him the entire crystal. If they choose to give him the entire crystal, they are 'rewarded' with a Bad End, Cerberus.