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Transformative: Hummanus
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Normal face 1
Normal skin 1
No horns 1
No tail 1
No wings 1
Normal legs 1
A single human penis 1
Only one pair of breasts 1 Flat, manly breasts count as "one row of breasts"

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The first physical sapient beings to inhabit Mareth were a group of human Mages who accidentally transported themselves there from another world. Most other species were either created by the Mareth Gods and Goddesses — inspired by the arrival of humans — or results of later mutations. Despite this early start, humans eventually became quite rare. There seem to be three reasons for this: humans are very susceptible to mutations and transformations; there is no clear way to revert to human form once transformed; and crossbreeding always lead to children being of the other parent's race.

The default Champion is initially a human, whether this remains true depends upon the player.

Human NPCsEdit

  • Bath Girl — Found in the Sand Witch's Dungeon.
  • Dominika — A human(ish) patron of The Wet Bitch who has an unusual talent for magic.
  • Fetish Cultist — A hostile, perverted human woman found at the Lake.
  • Fetish Zealot — A hostile, perverted human man found at the Boat.
  • Giacomo — No specific information available but the description of him doesn't mention any inhuman traits. Also Marble mentions in her dialogue that the only human she's seen except for the player is Giacomo.
  • Marcus — A friendly human man with inhumanly large testicles found in the Desert.
  • Rubi — A femboy found at the Bakery, who can become the player's lover.
  • Scylla — A warped human nun that can be encountered in "the The Wet B"itch at Tel'Adre after completing the Demon Factory quest, but only if the player has a 12" or longer penis.

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