Author: Takenaka_Emika

Height: 2 to 4 feet tall.

Build: Spindly

Skin Tone: Red, orange, or rarely, purple.

Hair Color: Rusty, red, black, and rarely brown.

Eye Color: Totally black with glowing red pupils.

Typical Dress: Naked save for a ragged loincloth and a collection of small belts and pouches for storage. They seem to have a fondness for wooden sandals as well.

Weaponry: Clawed hands and feet.

Notable Features: Four inch horns on their foreheads, small spaded tails, and tiny dragon-like wings. They are not particularly intelligent, always seeming to be about as smart as a human teenager.

Sexual Characteristics: A large human-like penis that seems to dwarf the rest of the imp, along with two human sized testes. They do have an asshole comparable to a humans, though it seems to exist more for sport and pleasure than for waste removal.

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