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Imp Lord
Level 7
Hit Points 230
Gems Drop 25-39
Items Drop Incubi Draft
Succubi Milk
Minotaur Blood
Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Demon
Codex Imp (Codex)
Body Parts
Height ~4'
Build well-muscled
Face angular face with curved nose
Eyes black
Ears pointed
Legs thick coating of fur starts
at his well toned hips
and works its way down
his powerful legs
Feet pair of oddly jointed,
demonic hooves
Skin red
Hair bald
Horns bovine-like
Tail arrowhead shaped tipped tail
Clothing simple loincloth and satchel
hang from his waist
Weapon sharp black finger nails
Locations and More
Location(s) Wasteland
Interaction Fight

On approach
A large corrupted imp crosses your path, he flashes a cruel smile your way. No way around it, you ready your weapon for the fight.

The Imp Lord, aka Greater Imp, is a larger, stronger version than the ordinary ones. He occasionally replaces the regular imp once the Champion's level reaches approximately 8. It seems that apart from offering a harder fight and more experience points, he is pretty much the same as regular imps.

At the beginning of the fight
The greater imp has an angular face, complete with curved nose and burnt red skin typical of imps. He has no hair on his head, leaving his cold, lust clouded, black eyes unobstructed. Just above his long pointed ears are two curved bovine horns. While still short, he's much taller then the average imp, being nearly four feet tall, and extremely well muscled. A pair of powerful wings extend out from his shoulders, however, you suspect he wouldn't be able to fly for long due to his extreme bulk. A thick coating of fur starts at his well toned hips and works it's way down his powerful legs. His legs end in a pair of oddly jointed, demonic hooves. His demonic figure is completed by a thin tail that has an arrowhead shaped tip.

The greater imp, like most imps wears very little clothing, only a simple loincloth and satchel hang from his waist. You also note that the imp has two barbell piercings in his nipples. The creature doesn't seem to have any weapons, aside from his sharp black finger nails.

Sex ScenesEdit

All scenes require a victory by lust regardless of the method achieved to drive the Imp Lord's lust to 100.

  • Breastfeed — if win by lust; has Feeder perk.
  • FuckHisAss — if win by lust; has penis.
  • Get Blown — if win by lust; has penis.
    • Increases Corruption by 1.
  • Ride Cock — if win by lust; has vagina.

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