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Ingnam is underdevelopment or possibly awaiting implementation.
CoC Mod
The information on this page, and the implementation, was done by the Revamp Mod crew. Specific authors will be posted if known. If you know any authors that are not, or any other information, please send word via comments below.
A major overhaul is occurring in Ingnam. Part of this has already been implemented, but there is a bit more.

Ingame Description:
The purpose of this project is to give something for the [Champion] to do to prepare for The Demon Realm by collecting gems. This is intended to give you the boost you need. It will also cover a lot of backstory mentioned in the original game but never encountered.

As the description says, this is a pre-portal, gem and information gathering prologue to the game itself.

Ingnam (preoverhaul)Edit

There has been an update to the game pre 1.2.18 bringing a bit of pre-portal play (3-days worth). Here is what has been implemented v1.2.18:

Ingame Description:
Ingnam is a rich and prosperous village despite its small size. There is already a well-established array of shops with a constant hum of tradesmen and merchants. The temple sits within view of the patrons sitting at tables at the tavern which serves as a hub for people near and far to drink and dance. On the road leading out of the plaza that sits before the temple is a trail that meanders its way to a large farm in the distance.

Looming ominously in the distance is a mountain known by the locals as Mount Ilgast. Surrounding Ingnam is a vast expanse of wilderness.


  • Explore — The wilds beyond Ingnam.
  • Temple — You may Meditate.
  • Inn — You may Order Food or Drink, or listen to Stories
  • Wendy's Farm — You can Work for gems.
  • Shops:


Ingnam (post overhaul)Edit

The overhaul is scheduled for release version 1.4.

Remember, we are currently working on snapshots of v1.3, it will take quite a few weeks, maybe months to get 1.4 snapshots out there. Full version with be a few weeks after that.

Important notesEdit

  • The main currency of Ingnam is gems, just like in Mareth. While it might be canon-breaking, it’s done for the sake of simplicity. And let’s face it, in some RPGs that cover multiple worlds, the same currency is used. Therefore, gems are not just the currency of Mareth. It’s an OMNIVERSAL currency of CoC!
  • You’ll have the opportunity to add 1 day in the prologue with each level of New Game+, capped at 7 days. Days will start at -7 when maxed out.
  • You will also eventually be able to return to Ingnam if you’ve defeated Lethice and amplify the portal power. People will look up/down on you depending on your corruption and how much you’ve transformed.


There are different jobs you can take in Ingnam to earn gems. Each job has four levels, with higher level having increased pay rate. Increasing job level will also grant attribute bonuses.

  • Alchemist — Assist in alchemical operations. (+Intelligence)
  • Barkeeper — Assist in cleaning up and serving. (+Speed, +Intelligence)
  • Blacksmith — Assist in making weapon and armour. (+Toughness)
  • Farmhand — Help Gabriella Wendy with farm work. (+Strength, +Toughness)
  • Guard — Patrol for any crimes. (+All 4, may gain XP through battles, 1.5x pay to compensate for the risks of getting injured and lose 8 hours.)
  • Hunter — Hunt for gems in the wilderness. (+All 4, gain XP)
  • Prostitute — Sex for money. (+Libido, 2x pay)
  • Scholar — Study stuff (+Intelligence)
  • Tailor — Assist in making clothes. (+Speed, +Intelligence)

Cavalcade-like card gameEdit

I might have to discuss with Alder for that. If you’ve played Fall of Eden, you might have played Cavalcade.

Inn Temple Wendy's Farm Mount Ilgast
Alchemist Black Market Blacksmith Tailor Trading Post
Ben the smith Gabriella Wendy Thief Innkeeper Elder Nomur