General Information
Location Ingnam
NPCs Innkeeper
Items Trail mix
Hard biscuits
Events Bathroom usage
Lore learning

Content Author: Kitteh6660

The Inn is a small building in Ingnam, which, despite the name, acts as a tavern or bar. It has a warm, cozy feel.

NPCs Edit

  • Innkeeper: Friendly man who runs the inn and hears a lot of the town gossip.

Inventory Edit

  • Beer: 5 Gems
  • Milk: 2 Gems
  • Root beer: 3 Gems
  • Sandwich: 5 Gems
  • Soup: 3 Gems
  • Hard Biscuits: 5 Gems
  • Trail Mix: 10 Gems

Events Edit

  • Drinking a few beers in a row causes the champion to urgently use the bathroom.
  • Talking to the innkeeper gives a few miscellaneous stories about Mount Ilgast, champions, and Mareth.

Trivia Edit

  • Drinking beer at the inn is the only way to gain the Smashed achievement. It will also gain the Urine Trouble achievement if it hasn't been gained already, but is not the only way to get it.
  • The soup eating scene was specifically worded vaguely so any soup could be imagined.
  • It's implied, though unconfirmed, that the innkeeper and champion know each other very well.

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