Inquisitor's Corset
General Information
Type Clothing
Usage Combat
Boosts Defense +4
Lust +5*
Tease +10
Requirement Int 60+
Merchant Information
Sell Value 1000
Locations Found
Found At Swamp

Content Author: Fenoxo

The Inquisitor's Corset is a rare set of clothing, only found by exploring the Swamp after paying Kiha's toll or recruiting her as a follower. Upon being prompted to chose Retribution or Carnality, a champion that choses Carnality will gain the corset.

Inquisitor's Corset, when put on
Checking to see whether the posture collar can be detached from the sleeves, you find a complete lack of any way to do so. Shrugging, you slide your arms into the sleeves, sticking your middle fingers through the extended ends. Golden embroidery down their length contains some of the most ornate and stylized pictures of dicks you have ever seen, culminating in an excessive amount of gold thread splayed in your palm, symbolizing the ejaculate. You lift your chin to fit the posture collar in place, completely hiding your neck from view as you lace it from behind. The dark red works nicely with your skin. A small amount of delight fills you as you realize the collar is not as unforgiving as a true posture collar, allowing you a comfortable amount of movement - though you do briefly wonder what a fight would be like if it didn't.

You fit the corset on next, wrapping it around your waist and chest, hiding your nipples beneath more red and gold trim. As you lace the corset up you realize that what you had taken for a stylized sword rising up between the cups bears a much greater resemblance to a prick. Fair enough. The belt practically attaches to the corset as though it were made to be a single article of clothing, clasping beneath a set of heavily stylized golden lines that you suspect are meant to be a face in the middle of either prayer or oral sex, or possibly both.

Earlier suspicions about the skirt prove correct - it does not conceal in the slightest. It covers some skin to the right side, mostly in the back, but your front is on full display to the world. The skirt feels as though it should go on a dancing showgirl rather than an inquisitor, but you made the choice you did and the results are arousing. Golden trim takes on the form of waving and twisting tentacles as the bottom of the skirt gets closer, looking as though it wants to burst from the fabric and molest its wearer.

Finally you slide your legs into the boots. The heel itself is hollow, to accommodate any natural spurs on the wearer's foot, and the rest of the boot seems surprisingly fitted to your dimensions. To a certain extent it feels as though it is reshaping itself as you enter - parts that initially feel tight loosen up in minutes, as if the boots were breaking themselves in. If what the note said is true, and the armor adapts to he who finds it, perhaps even hooves and paws could have fit, given enough magical power used in the creation. Laces run up the side of each boot all the way to your thighs, resembling the corset they were paired with. The front of them bear golden symbology, akin to the symbols that sat on the front of the secret chamber. Based on your previous decoding, they're halfway between a prayer and a exaltation of cock. Standing up in them, you smile as your butt rises with their influence.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This sexualized and feminine red and gold ensemble carries with it the hopes of a shamed sorcerer. Wearing it will cause spells to tax your health instead of exhausting you.

Stats Edit

  • Base Defense: 4
  • Value: 2000
  • Classification: Clothing
  • Grants the Slutty Seduction perk
    • Magnitude: 10
  • Grants Blood Mage perk

Trivia Edit

  • The Inquisitor's Corset can be given to Rubi.
  • If the corset is taken, the Inquisitor's Robes become unobtainable.
  • The corset is considered light weight.

Wearables are items that are worn to boost or lower stats. They are different from weapons due to the fact that they are not directly used to hit the opponent, or that hitting the opponent is not their primary purpose. Rather, they aid combat in other ways.

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