Content Author: Jokester

Level 15
Hit Points 560
Strength 80
Toughness 90
Speed 85
Intelligence 65
Libido 75
Sensitivity 25
Corruption 40
Lust 20
Vulnerability* 0.2
Gems Drop 1-5
Gender Herm
Species and Family
Species Shark-morph
Breed Tigershark-morph
Body Parts
Height 6'2"
Build very toned athletic build
Face angular yet feminine face whose features are slightly reminiscent of a shark
Teeth retractable
shark fangs
Skin Tough, orange
w/ horizontal
black stripes
Hair long silver-white hair that grows past her shoulders
Fin shark's dorsal
Tail long shark-tail that grows down to her ankles
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts DD-cup with a single 0.5" nipple/breast
Testes 4 baseball-
sized testes
Vagina loose cunt, with a 0.2" clit, lips slightly parted
Threesome Amily
Latex Goo-girl
Bimbo Sophie
Pregnant? Yes
Impregnate? Yes
Clothing upper half of a
skimpy black
grass skirt
Glasses Yes
Locations and More
Occupation Reading books
Camp Lover
Location(s) Lake
Interaction Talk
Rent Books

"All right, show me just what a Champion can do!" ― Izma
Izma is a hermaphroditic tigershark who lives at the Lake. Unlike most of her kind, she has not been totally consumed by corruption, allowing her to use reason and diplomacy instead of immediately attacking anything nearby in order to rape it.

As a tigershark, Izma has orange skin with black horizontal stripes, silver hair, a shark's dorsal fin, retractable shark fangs, a shark's tail, and tough skin. Thanks to her love of reading, she often wears glasses, but her primary garb consists of the upper half of a skimpy black bikini (akin to the ones worn by regular Shark Girls) over her DD-cup breasts paired with a grass skirt; her four baseball-sized testicles and fifteen-inch-long phallus mean she can't wear a bikini bottom.

Ingame Description:
Izma is a 6-foot 2-inch tall tigershark, with a very toned athletic build; her muscles are covered by coarse red sharkskin, marked with black stripes across her body. She is currently wearing a bikini top with a grass skirt. She has an angular face whose features are slightly reminiscent of a shark. Her mouth contains a second row of retractable knife-like teeth in front of the normal blunt ones. Her face is feminine despite its angularity. She has long silver-white hair that grows past her shoulders. Her hips are girly without being too wide and her butt is firm. She has a long shark-tail that grows down to her ankles, marked with the same tiger stripes as the rest of her body. She has two normal human legs ending in normal human feet.

She has a pair of DD-cup breasts, with a single 0.5 inch nipple on each breast.

Just above her pussy, Izma has a traitorously long humanoid cock that sticks out of her skirt more often than not. It’s around 15 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. It has a dark red color like the rest of Izma’s skin, though it is devoid of tiger-stripes. A quad of baseball-sized testes swings heavily beneath her cock.

She has a loose fuck-hole placed between her legs, with a 0.2 inch clitoris. Occasionally, beads of lubricant appear on her cunt, her lips slightly parted.

She has a tight asshole placed between her toned butt-cheeks, right where it belongs.

Izma smiles widely and retrieves a pair of hooked metal gauntlets from her chest, donning them and clenching her fist a few times. “All right, show me just what a Champion can do!” she says, entering a fighting stance.

Izma the tigershark stands a bit over 6' tall, with orange skin bearing horizontal stripes covering most of her body. Her silver-white hair cascades past her shoulders, draping over an impressive pair of DD-cup breasts barely restrained by a skimpy black bikini top. Under the knee-length grass skirt below them rustles her beastly fifteen-inch penis and four-balled sack; you catch occasional glimpses of them as she moves. She’s tucked her usual reading glasses into her locker at the moment.

Meeting Izma Edit

Izma can only be found after the player has encountered a Shark Girl while exploring with the Boat AND either shut down or destroyed the Demon Factory. After this has been done, Izma permanently becomes a random encounter at the lake and may be encountered every 8th exploration.

Upon meeting the player, Izma is affable and friendly. They part ways after exchanging small talk, in which she welcomes the player to come and see her in her camp whenever they want. On subsequent meetings, she offers to talk to the player or let them peruse her collection of carefully scavenged books. She allows them to look at a Combat Manual, an Etiquette Guide, or a Porno Magazine and charges the player 20 gems per book they look at, or 25 gems for the Etiquette Guide.

  • Looking at the Combat Manual will randomly boost Strength, Toughness or Intelligence by 2 points, but only up to a certain point (est. 60 pts).
  • Looking at the Etiquette Guide will drop Libido and Corruption by 2 points.
  • Looking at the Porn will increase Libido by 2 points and provide a Lust bonus.

On the third time the player comes to see her, Izma will reveal her hermaphroditic gender and tell the player that she finds them attractive. She offers to have sex with them, and presents them with the choice to either do some mutual sex, or to do it "shark style" and fight to see who is dominant in the resultant sex. Regardless of how the player has sex with her, Izma will give them a Tiger Shark Tooth in return each time. The player can also choose to walk away after winning: no sex will occur, and the player will still receive the Tiger Shark Tooth.

Izma also continues to offer to just talk to the player or to let them browse her books as well, although the sex won't occur.

Fighting Izma Edit

Izma is an extremely powerful opponent. She has a fatigue-increasing pressure point attack, a powerful feint attack, a vicious grappling attack, a chance to inflict a bleeding injury that will keep dealing significant HP damage for several rounds after it lands, and a Lust-increasing mock orgasm attack. She has high health (estimated at 560 HP), evasion and defense, and lust raising attacks do little to nothing to her, making her extremely challenging to beat.

When defeated, Izma offers the PC sex. Taking her dick into the PC's vagina ends with Izma offering an anti-pregnancy herb. There is a chance that this character can get the PC pregnant if they don't take the herb.

After being defeated several times, Izma will be described as looking nervous and ask the PC to go easy on her when the fight option is chosen. If the PC has defeated Izma enough times, they can demand her Hooked Gauntlets to wield. The next time the two meet, she will profess her love, saying that the PC has clearly demonstrated that they're the dominant individual and offer to become their follower and "beta"; she will make that offer even if the player did not demand the Hooked Gauntlets on the previous encounter.

Bad End - Unbeknownst to Izma, her corruption gives her a subtle aura that allows her to influence those weaker than her to submit to her. If the PC loses multiple fights to Izma, they become increasingly submissive to her; if they accrue too many losses, then a Bad End is triggered in which they give up on their mission and become Izma's beta, and, it is implied, the first shark girl/tigershark in her harem. However, this aura's effects are very weak; achieving one victory in combat against Izma will counteract the effects of one defeat.

Follower Edit

In camp, Izma can be accessed through the lovers menu. She has several options for interaction.

  • Appearance gives a basic description of Izma's appearance in detail.
  • Books allows you to read Izma’s books in camp. They can be read in camp for free once every 10-11 hours, otherwise you have to pay the normal fee.
  • Children is only available if Izma and the PC have at least one offspring. It displays a random scene depicting how many children the two have had together.
  • Sex is only available if the PC has a lust score of at least 35. It brings up a sub-menu depicting the sexual acts Izma and the PC can undertake. Currently, that menu consists of :
    • Anal (Catch) - Izma dominantly penetrates the PC's anus;
    • Get Mounted - (requires penis) Izma dominantly takes the PC's penis in her vagina;
    • "DominateVagina" - (requires penis) PC dominantly penetrates Izma's vagina;
    • Izma's Vagina - (requires penis) PC has normal sex with Izma (small variants inside the scene, but overall it's the same);
    • SixtyNine - Izma and the PC orally pleasure each other;
    • "DomWithAss" - PC dominantly takes Izma's penis in their anus;
    • RideIzmaCock - (requires vagina) PC dominantly takes Izma's penis in their vagina, resulting in possibly impregnating the PC;
    • "Kids" - PC tell her to stop taking her contraceptives (anti-pregnancy stuff);
    • "Latex"
      • If the player recruited Latex Goo-girl and has seen Izma trying to or having sex with Latex, there will be this additional option where you can tell her to stop feeding Latex, keep doing it (if you told her to stop), or tell Izma to feed Latex now (so as to watch it).
  • Talk triggers a random conversation scene.
  • Tooth allows the player to ask for a Tiger Shark Tooth; they can get two of these every day, but after that Izma needs to go and get some more.
  • Remove Dick allows you to remove her penis. Izma complains bitterly if you choose this but you can assert your authority over her. 5 Succubus Milks are required to cause the transformation. She can instantly become a herm again by selecting "Go Herm" afterwards.
  • Brotize (requires BroBrew) allows you to turn Izma into a Bro. She will become fully male and be a Bimbo. She will start calling himself Izmael.

Izmael Edit

In camp, Izmael can be accessed through the lovers menu. He has several options for interaction. Some are unfinished. Some appear to only use PC = male when using descriptions.

  • Appearance gives a basic description of Izma's appearance in detail. Not implemented
  • Books allows you to read Izma’s books in camp. They can be read in camp for free once every 10-11 hours, otherwise you have to pay the normal fee.
  • Sex is only available if the PC has a lust score of at least 35. It brings up a sub-menu depicting the sexual acts Izma and the PC can undertake. Currently, that menu consists of :
    • Buttfuck - Fuck Izmael in the butt for some sexy gay times
    • Frenzy - (requires vagina) Tease Izmael into a frenzy until he dominantly takes the PC's vagina with his penis;
    • Bath Time - Leads to 3 "Warm-down" scenes;
      • Ride DIck - Ride Izmael cow-girl
      • Ride Face - Make Izmael lick you
      • Get Blown - Have Izmael take the PC's dick down his throat.
    • Entrap - Leads to a big bro little sister male roleplay;
  • Talk triggers a random conversation scene with Bro-Izma
  • Tooth allows the player to ask for a Tiger Shark Tooth; they can get two of these every day, but after that Izma needs to go and get some more.
  • Toggle Herb allows the player to have Izmael take a herb to prevent pregnancy when the player fucks them
  • Turn Back 1 Bimbo Liquer and 1 Debimbo will allow the player to turn Izma back to a herm. 

Interactions with Others Edit

If the player has recruited Marble, they and Marble will have an argument about having Izma as a member of the camp and about Izma being a "corrupt monster". Marble will begrudgingly accept Izma before marching off. When the Champion returns to Izma, they'll will explain their addiction to Marble's milk in which she responds to her turning you "the perfect Alpha" into a "Weak addict". The two do not seem like they'll get along.

If the player has recruited Amily, Izma will confront them about their relationship with the mouse girl. After an explanation she'll commend them both on their 'noble' goal of repopulating her race. Amily initially isn't happy about having Izma in camp, but isn't about to pick an argument with something that can easily kill and devour a minotaur. If the player has a penis, a threesome with Amily and Izma will cause both to get pregnant unless they aren't already.

Is the player has recruited the Latex Goo-Girl, you may get to see her and Izma having sex at night. Choosing to watch allows you to have Izma dominate the Latex Goo-Girl under Izma's sex menu: the button's label will read whatever name you chose for the LGG. Allowing Izma to sex the latex slave will keep her constantly fed.

Similarly, if the player has enslaved Bimbo Sophie you can catch Izma tying her up and dominating her. Again, you can choose to put a stop to this or watch: the latter option causes a repeat button to appear in Izma's sex menu.

In Game Descriptions Edit

First encounter Edit

The sight of a figure on the horizon brings your lake stroll to a sudden stop. Something or someone is there, sitting on a rock. You cautiously move towards the figure, silently creeping up behind the stranger. As you draw closer, you see she bears a resemblance to the shark girls of the lake, but with a few noteworthy differences. She must be around 6' tall; her skin is a strange mixture of orange and grey, with several stripes along the orange parts. She has semi-lustrous white hair flowing past her shoulders, with a few droplets of water still suspended in it. She's wearing a black bikini top, and has a well-crafted grass skirt reaching down to her knees. She hasn't noticed your presence yet as she's busily reading a book; a small chest sits on the rocks beside her. Now that you get a good look at her, you also notice she has a cute little pair of spectacles on the bridge of her


You hesitate a few moments before saying, "Er... hello?"

The stranger drops her book with a start and nearly pounces on you, taking a big bite out of the air with her sharp teeth; thankfully, you managed to avoid her by jumping back. "Who are you?" she demands. "What are you doing here?" You hastily offer her a few apologies, declaring your innocence of any ill intentions. After a few moments she calms down, though this doesn't remove the look of irritation from her face. She sits back on the rock, picks her book up and adjusts her glasses, then asks, "So, who are you? And what's your business around here?"

You tell her you were exploring and the sight of her made you curious; it's quite unusual to see one of her kind out here on the beach, just relaxing and reading a book. "I suppose I am a bit different..." she accedes, "Anyway, I'm just catching up on my reading; sex and swimming, the famous pastimes of my people, are all well and good, but I like to keep my wits sharp too."

Now you're even more curious; she doesn't seem as imposing and does look a bit more intellectual now that she's calmer – well, from the neck up, anyway. She's still dressed as if expecting a luau to break out any minute. You introduce yourself and then look at her pointedly.

"I'm Izma, a tigershark," she replies.

"Tigershark?" you ask.

"It's a mutation among shark-people. We're stronger, tougher, faster... and we have some other... err, 'qualities' our sisters lack,"she explains, with a glance to subtly discourage you from probing the matter further. Instead, you follow up by asking her where she got her books. "These? Scavenged from around the place. It's so hard to find recorded knowledge around here, and even some of this stuff isn't in great condition... you know?" You agree; that meager pile of books in the chest is still the biggest library you've seen outside the safety of Tel'Adre. Perhaps imagining you a kindred spirit, she presses the topic. "I could let you borrow some... for a small usage fee. And you'd stay in sight, of course." You contrive to look hurt. "Nothing personal, but I'd like to expand my collection, not reduce it," she adds. Still... an appealing offer. You could do with as much knowledge as you can get.

You nod in agreement, earning a smile from Izma. You chat for another short while before you part ways, heading back to your camp.

Trivia Edit

  • Izma was written by Jokester.
  • Izma's corruption level is 45 according to Jokester, however her combat stats list her corruption as 40. This makes her more corrupt than Marble, but still under the cut-off line for when a being's corruption begins pushing them towards depravity.
  • Izma's relatively low corruption and high sanity are attributable to her reading habit, which has enabled her to restore her mind from the bestial state that other shark-girls and tigersharks have fallen into.
  • Izma admits to eating imps and minotaurs, when she can catch them, though she is adamant that she would never hurt the PC or anyone she/he/it cares about.
  • Izma is officially 27 years old when the player finds her.
  • Izma's chance of impregnating a PC is dependent on the PC's fertility. When it comes to impregnating Izma, there is a base chance of 10%, plus a further 1% chance per 100mls of cum that the PC produces.
  • Whenever Izma or the PC has a child by the other, there is a 40% chance it will be a tigershark and a 60% chance it will be a sharkgirl. These odds are calculated when Izma or the PC goes into labor.
  • Some scenes involving Izma's children have been removed as an attempt to keep loli content out of the game.
  • When the PC agrees to perform oral sex with her focusing on male genitals, Izma will make a funny comment about PC's cock. This scene is only triggered on Lake.
  • If Izma discovers that the PC is infected with worms (Lust reaches 100 during combat, for example), she will leave in disgust, and will not be encountered again.
  • If the PC has defeated Izma enough times prior to recruiting her, they can demand her Hooked Gauntlets (8 Atk, 10% stun chance, chance to inflict Bleed on lightly armoured foes) to wield. She will still offer to join the camp if the Champion takes the Hooked Gauntlets.

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