Content Author: Unknown

Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Bunny-morph
Breed Kemonomimi
Body Parts
Ears bunny-like
Tail bunny-like
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts A-cup
Clothing a gauzy, sheer pink top and lots of make-up that accentuates her plump, red lips and curvy, cute features, package-hugging thong displaying his nearly-bare ass.
Locations and More
Occupation Masseuse
Location(s) The Slippery Squeeze
Joey is the bunny-boy proprietor of The Slippery Squeeze. A humanoid with rabbit features, Joey is what is known as a 'trap': a male character with a very feminine appearance who deliberately plays up with accessories and actions. In Joey's own words, he "loves looking cute and fuckable".

Joey and his partner Sara offer erotic massages to clientele; currently, Joey is the only one coded and thus only he can be chosen.

In exchange for 10 gems, Joey gives a relaxing massage that decreases Libido and Lust.

On some occasions you will find that he was messing with the formula for his special potions, and his balls are backing up with cum. You are given the option to either suck it all out, leading to a sex scene where you give him a long blow job until the potion wears off, or you can tell him to masturbate it all out, and he goes into a back room to do that.



  • Joey is what is known in the West as a "10% furry" and in Japan as a 'kemonomimi'. This means that while he has rabbit's ears and tail, he otherwise looks totally human — as can be seen during a massage he has human legs, unlike the bunny-girl who can also be encountered in the Plains. In either case, this makes him a rarity in Corruption of Champions, where most "furry" characters are "true" furries. The only other 10% furry in the game is Yara, the catgirl from Tel'Adre, because she is a human who ate only a small amount of Whisker Fruit.
  • There is another Joey ingame, a former member of the Vagrant Cats, who fell for a hermaphroditic mouse-morph in Tel'Adre just before he left the group.