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Kid A
Gender Herm
Species and Family
Species Anemone

Kid A is an Anemone follower that the Champion can potentially give birth to and keep in their Camp. A young anemone, though she has matured from her birth stage to a more humanoid form, she is still physically and mentally underdeveloped, though her intellect can be said to be more advanced than that of a regular anemone's thanks to the Champion's tutelage.

Kid A can be born if Champion has a vagina, an anemone penis, and sufficient purity — Corruption 25 or lower — and becomes pregnant from an anemone. The result will eventually be a new birthing scene in which they will detach the nascent anemone and toss her into their water barrel. The next morning, she will have grown to an immature, but humanoid form, presenting the Champion with the option to keep her. (With corruption at the moment of birth higher than 25 or if Champion had sent Kid A away and now give birth to another anemone, a newborn baby will settle in the Champion's vagina increasing lust by 10. Probably the only way to get rid of that anemone is to become pregnant again by any kind of creatures)

If the Champion keeps Kid A, then she will appear when they go into labor with subsequent anemones to take the newborn and carry them safely to the stream. This means a player cannot acquire extra anemone penises if they have Kid A in their camp.

The Champion may find Kid A in the Stash menu. They can give Kid A a weapon, allowing her to stand guard at night, and she will leave them a random item each day as a present.

  • Kid A can now receive training with the various weapons available to her.
  • Training Kid A can increase her Confidence (XP) or decrease it, based on how she handles the weapon. (See below.)
  • There's now a sexy-times Kid A dream available once Kid A's confidence passes 40.
  • Kid A's confidence is viewable in the stats section.
  • If your training with Kid A and your lust hits 100 and you have compatible sexual equipment (dong not too big or vagina), there might be some sex, assuming Kid A's confidence is high enough and you've had the dream.
  • If you've had sex with Kid A, a repeat sex button is enabled.
  • Kid A can randomly proc scenes where she babysits Marble's kids if you have five or more of the little tykes.
  • If you have two or more children with Izma, interacting with them can trigger an event with Kid A. (See below.)
  • Kid A will be squaring off with Tamani's brood every 30th night while doing night watch alone (Helia and Kiha must not be on night watch), if the Champion has a cock, and if at least 40 Tamani's Daughters are alive.

Night watch tutoringEdit

  • Riding Crop (Fetish Cultist, 10% chance): +6% XP, +5 Lust if Libido is 50 or higher. 5 damage.
  • Whip (500 gems, Weaponsmith's Stand in Tel'Adre) and Succubi Whip (1200 gems from Sean after clearing the Deep Cave and allowing him to stay; Tower of the Phoenix): +6% XP, +10 Lust (+20 Lust for S.Whip)
  • Lust Dagger (Fetish Zealot, 10% chance; Tower of the Phoenix; Kid A herself at 75-[100] XP, ~20% chance): +5% XP, +10 Lust. 5 damage.
  • Wingstick (16 gems in Tel'Adre; lost after use): +5% XP. 10 damage and a funny scene.
  • Dragon-shell Shield (200 gems after taking Ember's eggshell to Yvonne in Tel'Adre): +5% XP. +10 Lust.
  • Katana (500 gems in Tel'Adre), Inscribed Spellbade (Dominika): +4% XP. 20 damage.
  • Black Book: +4% XP, +20 Lust. She uses it as a weapon.
  • Vulpine Rapier (Raphael) and Jeweled Rapier (Fungal Pod): No effect; she doesn't exactly see the rapier as a weapon...
  • Spiked Gauntlets (400 gems in Tel'Adre) and Hooked Gauntlets (Izma): She's comfortable with them but doesn't understand how they work. No effect.
  • Pipe, Wizard's Staff or Eldritch Staff: No effect.
  • Spear (450 gems in Tel'Adre): -1% XP. 5 damage.
  • Beautiful Sword (Lake): -2% XP. 1 damage. She really likes the sword but can't use it properly for obvious reasons.
  • Large Axe (Minotaur with axe, 25%), Large Hammer (Marble), Huge Warhammer (1600 gems from the Weaponsmith's Stand): -4% XP, 5 damage. Obviously way too heavy for her!
  • White Book: -5% XP for obvious reasons. She uses it as a weapon.
  • Large Claymore, Urta's Halberd (you foxy cheater) or any other weapon hidden in some blob of Fencode will cause the "bloodthirsty saber" to go bonkers and hurt Kid A. (-5% XP, weapon lost forever)

Daily giftsEdit

  • All items have equal chances unless otherwise noted.
  • 0 XP: Shriveled Tentacle (always)
  • More than 0, less than 50 XP: Incubi Draft, Succubi Milk, Imp Food, Goblin Ale, Wet Cloth, Lust Draft, Whisker Fruit, Equinum
  • At least 50, less than 75 XP: White Book, Bee Honey, Oviposition Elixir, Shark Tooth, Slutty Swimwear, Lust Draft; 1% chance that Kid A will bring some Bimbo Liqueur instead
  • At least 75, less than 100 XP: Minotaur Blood, Large Axe, Comfortable Clothes, Lust Draft, Lust Dagger; 1% chance of Bro Brew instead
  • 100 XP: Tigershark Tooth, Sweet Gossamer, Black Gossamer, Reptilum; 1% chance of Bro Brew instead, then 1% chance of Bimbo Liqueur instead (slightly reducing chances of Bro Brew)


  • Night watch is the same for all followers; Kid A is no exception. As long as she is guarding the camp, you will not get raped at 2:00 regardless of her confidence and "guarding ability".
  • If given a White Book or Black Book, Kid A will keep it as a spellcasting weapon to protect you and herself.
  • The weapon Kid A is holding, if she has one, may not appear or "trigger" some special and funny scenes if her confidence is too high.
  • Hint: Equipping her with a Black Book or White Book while having shark daughters and Kid A at a low confidence level will cause her to do something quite unexpected!
  • The Riding Crop with <50 Libido is the most efficient way to coach her, along with the Whip and 20 Wingsticks if you don't mind donating 320 gems for some good laughs.
  • You may want to lower Kid A's confidence in order to get access to a different panel of drops or different scenes.
  • If Kid A brings back a Large Axe, the player will wonder how in the name of Marae she managed to drag such a heavy weapon home!


  • After choosing to accept Kid A, the scene opens with a reference to South Park's parody cartoon Chinpokomon stating: "You can’t think of any way to get her out of the barrel, short of manhandling her into the wilderness where she’ll flourish or expire depending on fate, and you haven’t the heart for such endeavors."
  • Kid A's name is a reference to the fourth studio album by the British band Radiohead of the same name.
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