Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Harpy
Codex Harpy (Codex)
Body Parts
Feathers Fiery red, harpy-feathers
Locations and More
Quest(s) Tower of the Phoenix
Interaction Talk
Kiri is a friendly NPC encountered in the Tower of the Phoenix. She was the first daughter the Harpy Queen bred after she abducted Hakon and forced him to become her mate. Despite having a salamander as her father, Kiri is a pure harpy. The only thing that reveals her parental heritage is her fiery-red feathers. (Harpies tend to breed harpies regardless of the father's race and she was concieved and born before the Harpy Queen learned the technique of breeding the phoenix hybrids.)


At some time Kiri met Helia, and the two became friends despite Helia's hatred of all harpies (and without Helia knowing they were half-sisters). She agrees to help Helia in her quest to defeat the Harpy Queen and free Hakon. Their plan is that Kiri drugs everybody inside the tower and then calls for Helia to attack. Helia, however, decides she needs an ally for the attack, and she finds the Champion. But even with the reinforcement, the plan falls apart right from the start. The attack opens before Kiri has had the chance to drug the opponents and Helia is captured right at the start. So it all comes down to you to sort out the mess.

Even though Kiri fails in her original task and is useless as a fighter, she's still a valuable ally in the quest, providing important information and — reluctantly — sexual relief between the fights.

After the Harpy Queen has been defeated, Kiri joins Hakon and Helia and leaves for the Plains. You don't see her (or Hakon) again outside of Helia's birthday event.


After you defeat the harpy horde, this encounter occurs.

The harpies collapse in a pile in the center of the room, all utterly defeated... except one. The lone harpy that did not attack you throughout the fight, a rather slight girl with a shock of bright orange hair, still stands, gaping at the destruction you've wrought. Eventually, her gaze shifts up to you.

"Holy shit, lady. You're a goddamn one-[PC's race]-army, aren't you? You... you must be (Player Name), right? Hel... er, Miss Helia told me about you. I’m, uh... I’m Kiri. Sorry about the other girls — I'd just spiked their drinks, but they didn't have time to finish them. You're a little earlier than I was expecting. Sorry," she whispers nervously, rubbing the back of her neck.

You ask her who she is exactly and how she knows Hel.

"Uh, well, I'm the one who told her about this place. You could say I'm her informant, I guess," she shrugs and slips her hands behind her inhumanly wide hips. Cocking an eyebrow, you notice the girl is actually quite pretty — her wings and hair are an orange as bright as the sun, and she has deliciously curvaceous thighs and hips, not to mention cute perky breasts. Noticing your lusty glances, she makes a little giggle and bites her lower lip.

"Anyway, Miss Helia asked me to help you any way I can, so... I guess, just ask me if you need anything."

Afterwards, you can have anal sex with Kiri (which she is reluctant about, but still accepts), which lowers your Lust total to 0 (20 if Shouldra is currently horny). This is a great help, as all the monsters in the dungeon have strong Lust-based attacks.