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Kitsune Score
Transformatives: Fox Jewel, Fox Berry, Mystic Jewel and Vixen's Vigor. The first two can be enhanced to the last two at Lumi's Laboratory.
If you have Add Comments
Fox ears. 2
Fox tail. 1
More than one Fox tail. 2 Stacks with score for single Fox tail.
Vaginal Capacity of at least 8000. 1
Hair colour of a Kitsune colour. 0 or 1 +1 only if sum of the five conditions above is greater than 0.
Femininity of at least 40. 1
Fur. 0 or -1 -1 only if Fur colour is not a Kitsune colour.
Scaly skin. -2
Goo skin. -3
Non-Human or Non-Fox legs. -1
Non-Human or Non-Fox face. -1
Non-Fox ears. -1
Non-Fox tail. -1

The Kitsune is one of the species inhabiting Mareth. Not to be confused with the fox-morph, the kitsune resembles a human but with fox ears and one or more fox tails. A kitsune may also have fox paws.

Kitsune NPCsEdit

There are currently four kitsune (Japanese words, by definition, do not have a plural state, Kitsune means one or more):

  • The three Forest kitsune — Three sisters living in a mansion in the Deepwoods. One of them is a hermaphrodite , the other two female. All are six-tailed.
  • Zetsuko — A four-tailed female kitsune enslaved, corrupted and driven to insanity by Ceraph. If the Champion takes Ceraph as a slave, there is a chance that if they call her for sex, she will be busy and will send this NPC in her place.

Becoming a KitsuneEdit

The archetypal kitsune has fox ears and foxtail(s) but is otherwise human in appearance. A Kitsune score of at least four is required to become a Kitsune. If equal, Kitsune score will overide Fox-morph score for determining race.

Fox ears and a single fox tail can be gained by consuming Fox Berries or Vixen's Vigor or by using Fox Jewels or Mystic Jewels. Additional tails can only be gained through Fox Jewels or Mystic Jewels. Fox Jewels can be used in two different ways: regular use from the inventory or by meditating at the Kitsune Shrine with a Fox Jewel in the inventory. The latter method increases the chance for the transformation to occur.

A maximum of eight tails can be gained by regular use of Fox Jewels. The ninth tail requires either meditation at the shrine or use of a Mystic Jewel. If the meditation method is chosen, then the champion will need fox ears in order to gain their ninth tail.

Please note, however, that level and intelligence limits the number of tails allowed. The number of permitted tails is equal to the champions level all the way up to level nine where the maximum number of tails, nine, is reached. In addition, in order to obtain a tail the champion must have a minimum intelligence of ten times the number of tails, ie 30 intelligence for three tails, 70 intelligence for seven tails, and so on.

Kitsune Hair/Fur ColourEdit

Kitsune of one to eight tails have hair and, if applicable, fur of blonde, black, red, white or silver colour. A nine-tailed Kitsune will have hair and, if applicable, fur of metallic golden, golden blonde, metallic silver, silver blonde, snow white or iridescent gray colour. While other colours are possible, they will decrease the Kitsune score.


It is said that Taoth, the fox Trickster god was involved in the kitsune race in some way. It's just a rumor and may not be true but the existence of the abandoned Kitsune Shrine must mean that the kitsune once had a much richer and complex culture than what the scattered semi-savage in-game kitsune show. According to rumors, there is at least one surviving kitsune village where much of the old culture is maintained.


  • Kitsune mansion — The home of the three Forest Kitsune in the Deepwoods. It is not possible to access the mansion without following one of the Forest Kitsune to it, and only a sex scene occurs there.

"Kitsune," she says matter-of-factly, nodding gently. "There's a race that's hard to categorize if there ever was one."

You ask her what she means by this.

"Well, they don't seem to be demons, exactly, but they do share a few things in common with them. In spite of that, they somehow seem to have an amazing resistance to corruption. From the tales I've heard, they existed in their current form already for a long time before the demons arrived," she explains. Seeing your perplexed expression, she continues. "They have extremely potent magic, and they draw their power from living things to sustain it. They can get it in lots of ways, but it seems like their favorite way is through sexual contact. They form a sort of... link, with their partner, I suppose, and absorb small amounts of their life energy."

You nod, noting that you can see how that is similar to some of the demons you've come across.

"Physically, they're not the strongest, but they don't have to be–once they've got you caught in one of their illusions, you're pretty much under their power. Despite that, they don't seem to be particularly evil... at least, for the most part."

You give her a slightly quizzical look and then press her on the details.

"Well... I've never seen one face-to-face, but I've heard some other travelers tell stories about meeting corrupted kitsune. Nasty pieces of work, if any of it's true. Most kitsune are fairly innocuous if a little irritating. Sometimes they can actually be pretty friendly if you play along right. They seem to get off on making mischief, but it's more or less harmless–the worst that ever happens is you wind up getting lost in the woods or find some kind of treasure that turns out to be a box of rocks when you bring it home. The corrupted ones though... they cross a line. Their tricks are downright vindictive... and once they finish tormenting you, they'll suck the life right out of you without a moment's hesitation."

You ask how anyone knows this much about them if even meeting one is so dangerous. Amily scratches her head a bit and blushes, clearly a little embarrassed to not have a definitive answer for this one. "W-well... it's mostly just conjecture. Like I said, I'm only repeating what I've heard."

She pauses for a moment and then speaks up with another interesting fact in an attempt to save face. "They do seem to have a strange fascination with tentacle beasts, for some reason."

From the blush on her face, you get the feeling that she may be speaking from experience. You don't press her on the matter though, just nodding politely as you process the information.


  • The Kitsune village mentioned in the History chapter is a proposed extension to the game. It's uncertain whether it will ever be implemented.


  • Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. Japanese mythology contains numerous legends about fox people with strong magical powers. The Mareth kitsune seems to be inspired both by the Japanese kitsune and by European mythology about the fox as an accomplished trickster.

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