Kitsune's gift, a small square package obtained from the forest kitsune, is wrapped up in a plain white paper and tied with a string. Who knows what's inside?


This item contains a random drop/event:

  • Nothing"It seems the kitsune’s gift was just a pile of useless junk! What a ripoff!"
  • Fox Jewel
  • Fox Berry
  • 2-21 gems
  • Smart tea
  • Black Chitin
  • Random hair dye — Red, Blond, Black or White.
  • Magic circle — the kitsune shares her thoughts with you, raises Intelligence, Sensitivity and Lust.
  • Kitsune's familiar:
    • Draws on the Champion's face lowering their Lust.
    • Steals 2-16 gems.
    • Hits the Champion with a powerful aphrodisiac setting Lust to 100.
    • Hits the Champion with a Drain Strength spell lowering Strength and Toughness.


  • The Champion must first talk to the forest kitsune in order to receive the item. Leaving or winning the fight will then give the kitsune's gift, either as a parting gift or bonus item.
  • This item has zero value and therefore can't be sold at the Pawn Shop or to Benoit.
  • Item code: KitGift.

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