Found randomly in the Deepwoods, the Kitsune Shrine is an abandoned area meant as a place of worship for the god Taoth. Apart from the beneficial effect on those transformed by Fox Jewels, there seems to be little if any connection between the shrine and the three forest Kitsunes also found in the Deepwoods. The shrine likely a remnant of an earlier richer Kitsune culture, forgotten by today's members of the race.

Within the shrine, three options are available to the player:

  1. Read: The Champion takes time to read some of the material left behind, reading one of three possible books. Depending on the result, the Champion will either receive a boost to Intelligence, a reduction to Corruption, or an increase to Lust and Libido.
  2. Meditate: This option is only available if the Golden Statue is present. When meditating, the Corruption and Lust of the Champion are lowered. Having a Fox Jewel in the inventory increases the chance of gaining a fox tail, with additional tails growing if you already possess one. This is also the only way to attain a Nine Tails transformed state, which unlocks special Perks for the Champion.
  3. Statue: A Golden Statue that rests within the shrine. While it can be taken and sold in Tel'Adre for 300 gems, the Champion will be locked out of meditating in the shrine if they choose to do so. As long as the statue is within the inventory, however, the Champion does have the option to return it to its place within the shrine.