Lacta Bovine Score
Transformative: LaBova
If you have Add Comments
Normal face 1
Cow-like face -1 Minotaurs have cow-like faces, not cow-girls.
Cow-like ears 1
Cow-like tail 1
Cow-like horns 1
Hooves 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the previous five points on the list is higher than 0.
6'1" or more tall 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the previous six points on the list is higher than 0
Vagina 1
Breasts larger than D-cup 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the previous eight points on the list is higher than 0
Lactating more than moderately 0 or 1 Add 1 only if the sum of the previous nine points on the list is higher than 0

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Lacta bovine, or cow-girl, is an anthropomorphic cow and one of the many sapient species of Mareth. The lacta bovine is described in an official codex.


Although all lacta bovines are born female, transformative potions can cause a male or genderless individual to become essentially a lacta bovine but without the female parts. A lacta bovine who is male or genderless with small or flat breasts, is referred to as a cow-boi. 

Lacta Bovine NPCsEdit

  • Clara — Marble's sister who came to Camp to help 'remove' the addictive properties of cow-girls milk.
  • Hana — Marble's mother. Doesn't appear in the game but is mentioned by Marble when she tells you the story of her life.
  • Isabella — An off-worlder who has been transformed into a cow-girl by exposure to certain transformation items (probably LaBova). Living on the Plains at first, she can be courted and persuaded to move to camp as a lover.
  • Marble — A cow-girl who lives and works at Whitney's Farm. In your first encounter with a minotaur in the Mountain, you find him busy raping a poor cow-girl. (On later encounters he'll try to rape you instead.)
  • Fido's Mistress — may be regarded as a lacta bovine and it's possible she started life as a pure cow-girl but by the time she's encountered in the game, she's more succubus than anything else.
  • Mountain Cow-Girl — A cow-girl that can be observed having sex with a Minotaur when exploring the Mountain.
  • Excellia — The favorite sex-slave of the Minotaur King. She is seen with the Minotaur King in Lethice's Throne room, assisting him in combat against the PC. The PC theorises that she began as a champion, like them.

Becoming a Lacta BovineEdit

To be classified as a cow-girl or cow-boi you must have a cow score of 5 or more.

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