Author: Takenaka_Emika

Description: A race of all female bovine-morphs more commonly known as cow-girls. They appear as tall and well-endowed women with numerous bovine characteristics. Generally, they have bovine horns, ears, tail, and legs. Some are significantly more animal in appearance than others, having bodies covered in fur and animal-like faces similar to those that of the minotaurs. They are relatives of the minotaurs and are similarly resilient and very strong. However, they are unusually sensitive compared to their cousins.

Skin and Fur: The skin tone of these creatures is very close to being human; their fur more closely follows the common minotaur fur colors of brown, black and sometimes white with black spots.

Behavior: The behavior of Lacta Bovine varies greatly between each individual. The only major unifying behaviors are their desire to give milk to almost any living creature and a high libido, common to all corrupted creatures. This instinct can become overpowering when they come to like an individual that is not currently nursing them. Even in this case, most are still able to maintain their composure.

Mentality: Many people may believe that Lacta Bovines are similar to the ‘milk sluts’ brought about by mind degrading effects of excessive lactation and milkings. This stigma is similarly wrong to the mistaken belief that minotaurs are dumb brutes; Lacta Bovines are just as intelligent as humans are, and they actually have a unique resistance to the mind degrading effects that most other races experience when they are milked excessively. This is believed to be because their bodies are designed to lactate at high levels, but at extreme levels, their minds can still be ruined.

Special abilities: A lightly corrupted creature with most of the corruption centered in their breast milk. It is addictive to those that drink it repeatedly, eventually making them dependent on the one from whom it was drunk. The milk also strengthens the drinker and helps them to relocate the one who nursed them, though that Lacta Bovine is granted limited powers of control over them. Finally, the breasts of Lacta Bovine are incredibly resilient and able to heal from almost any damage, even being cut off. They are also able to produce an almost limitless supply of milk. The flow may lessen over prolonged milkings, but it doesn’t actually stop. Fortunately for all involved with them, their breasts generally don’t leak milk. Thus, they can produce milk for their entire life without fail.

Reproduction: Lacta Bovines reproduce by finding a suitable mate and then addicting them to their milk. Once their bodies determine that they are giving milk regularly to a creature they like, they will become fertile and will be able to be impregnated by their partner. Any children that result from this union are almost always new Lacta Bovines, as a secondary effect of milk addiction is that it dilutes down the strength of the drinker’s seed causing their traits to become recessive. However, this is not perfect, and it’s possible for Lacta Bovines to mate with those who have not been completely diluted down yet. This is where the more human appearing ones originate. A Lacta Bovine pregnancy typically lasts 28 days.

Reproduction Side Note, Minotaurs: Minotaurs are a common partner with the more bestial Lacta Bovines, and their seed is so strong that it isn’t uncommon for the first child in such a union to be a minotaur, with the rest being Lacta Bovines. At the same time, such unions are often short lived, and it is quite possible for a Lacta Bovine to move to a different mate during a pregnancy.

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