General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Scavenging
Requirement Can't fly
Not 'taur
Not Spider-morph
Locations Found
Found At Town Ruins

Content Author: Unknown

The Ladder is a key item used for scavenging the ruined buildings at the Town Ruins. It's built by a champion who can't fly, isn't a centaur or Minotaur, and isn't a Spider-morph. It allows them to access the roofs and higher parts of the wrecked buildings, and thereafter collect wood and nails.

Ladder, when first built
You haul some loose pieces of wood that look long and thick enough to be of use and cut up one of the long pieces into equal parts to be used as rungs. Next, you lay the two long pieces of wood and arrange the smaller pieces, using a measuring tape to ensure that the rungs are spaced apart evenly. You take the nails out of your tool belt and drive them into place.

To ensure the ladder is going to be stable, you saw off the broken ends of the long wooden pieces so they are flat and place a flat piece of wood against the ends of two long pieces. You then take out a metal L-square ruler to check if it’s perfectly equal and make some adjustments as necessary. With the ladder now assembled, you prop it up against a wall and test the stability by giving it an experimental shake and adjust the angle. Yup, the ladder looks safe to climb on.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

You haul over the ladder you previously constructed, lean it against the wall and give it an experimental shake to confirm the ladder is safe to climb on. You climb up the ladder and grab onto the roof.

Effects Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Based on the description, the ladder is likely an extension ladder, albeit unable to actually "extend" out due to the champion's design of it.
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