The Chamber of the Last Inquisitor is a ruin hidden deep in the depths of the Swamp. It is under the territory claimed by Kiha, and so can only be found if the Champion is either willing to bribe her to let him explore, or has successfully recruited her. It is a very rare encounter, and can give either the Inquisitor's Robes or the Inquisitor's Corset. When the Hero discovers the Chamber, it appears in the form of a mossy stone door set in a low hillside, covered in a complicated lock composed of multiple stone circles decorated with animal symbols. With enough Intellect, they promptly deciphers that these actually explain the door is sealed by magic and only opens when the proper command word is spoken — that word is Spoiler: "chastity". Inside are stairs leading down in a long-abandoned room, thick with the dust of years and containing nothing except a table, upon which sits a parchment, and a small chest. Curiosity prompts the Champion to open the parchment first, which turns out to be the last confession of a member of the tribe of humans who were converted into the demons.

The author, who names himself as Inquisitor Zathul, explains how he was charged with rooting out corruption (in the sense of malevolent will towards the kingdom and royal family, not in the sense of the force that now empowers the demons) from his kingdom. Blinded by pride, he failed to realize that Lethice was swiftly succumbing to a force of literal corruption until it was too late. Though he tried to stop her, she had gorged herself on so much lethicite that he didn't have the strength to stand against her. Instead, he was defeated, humiliated, and cast from the kingdom as the demons gathered themselves to begin conquering Mareth. To further humiliate him, she branded him with a mark that warned no demon was to transform him. Fleeing into the swamp, he created this last hideout and began working, trying to create a tool to aid the man, woman, neuter or herm he hoped would arise to successfully challenge Lethice and topple her from her throne. He even modified it to be capable of assuming a form that would work with a being who had been forced to embrace the corruption to survive. Zathul's fate is unknown; his letter implies he may have ultimately been slain by vengeful survivors of a toppled kingdom, or dragged into slavery at the hands of a corrupted yet not-yet-demonic being. After reading the letter, the Champion is given the once-off option to take the Inquisitor's magical armor in either its robe form or its corset form. Alternatively, they can leave the armor where it lays. The Inquisitor's chambers can be rediscovered until the Champion takes the armor.

"I have failed. I could have prevented all of the tragedy that will befall this land, if I were less arrogant. It was my duty to root out corruption in the kingdom, and to ensure that no force could sully our name, or blaspheme against our queen. But I was too certain of myself, too certain of what I thought to be true. I believed that it was my duty to protect my queen from the dangerous and reckless thoughts of impure commoners and power-hungry mages. Instead, I should have protected them from my queen. When at last I reckoned the truth of Lethice’s doings, the wheels turned too quickly to stop them. The corruption spread through the kingdom like a famished beast. Commoner and mage alike were swallowed by its depravity, and remade. The demons were born, and had I had the foresight to watch my queen more carefully I could have stopped it. Do not mistake me for a coward, merely a fool. I stood against my queen when at last I opened my eyes. I dared to raise arms against her, and call upon the brightest of white fires, blazing with the desperation of a man determined to save his nation. I failed. She had feasted on so many souls, gained so much disgraceful power. Before I could even gain a foothold I had already expended my energy.She mocked me. Perhaps she was right to do so. An infernal mark was seared into my body as punishment for my hubris. "The Inedible Soul," she declared me. Stripped naked I was made to crawl through the city, spat and ejaculated upon, jeered at by the hedonists that now populated it. None dared to try and change me, not with Lethice’s mark upon me. Such was my punishment. Powerless, I watched as the land fell to the taint that it was once my duty to keep in check. I failed to stop the demons, and Lethice. But I am one man, and there are many more who will come after me. Many — too many — will fall, their souls and very nature devoured by the land, and for them I will suffer. It is not their fault that my inaction created a force greater than they. But the demons — my former queen — are greedy. They will expand, and conquer, and one day they will extend themselves too far. One day a champion will challenge them. Perhaps from another land, a stronger tribe, standing tall against the force that threatens it. Perhaps from within our own kingdom, a hold-out, a child raised in hiding. I do not know. If you have found this chamber, then you are wise. Wiser and cleverer than most. Perhaps you have the ability to be that champion. Though I have failed, I have taken steps to ensure that my mistakes will not be repeated. My magic found itself limited. Yours will not. I have spent the last of my abilities to fashion attire suitable for a champion. It is locked within the chest. I am no fool — I know that it may be necessary to adapt this armor for a body warped by corrupt powers. It may also be necessary to deprave it, somewhat, to draw less attention to oneself in a society similarly changed. Stand before the chest, and ask for ‘Retribution’ or ‘Carnality’. The last of my magic, imbued therein, will do the rest. I dearly, sincerely hope with all my being that you are successful. I name you the last Inquisitor of a defeated kingdom, and shed my power here. If I am fortunate, I will live to see this land restored. If not, it is worthy punishment for my hubris. Marae bless."

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