Leather Armor
General Information
Type Armor
Usage Defense
Boosts Defense +5
Merchant Information
Buy Value 76
Sell Value 38
Locations Found
Bought From Ingnam
Drop From Thief

Content Author: Unknown

The Leather Armor is a basic set of armor primarily found in Ingnam. It's occasionally dropped by the Thief and can be useful for a champion who wants better armor before entering Mareth. In Mareth, the armor is only found by Marble, who gifts it to the champion if she's a camp lover.

Leather Armor, when becoming crotch-hugging
Your leather armor shifts, pressing tightly against your upper legs and molding itself around your cock to prominently display it.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This is a suit of well-made leather armor. It looks fairly rugged.

Stats Edit

  • Base Defense: 5
  • Value: 76
  • Classification: Light armor
  • Becomes crotch-hugging if possessed by Exgartuan

Trivia Edit

  • Against expectations, the Blacksmith in Tel'Adre doesn't sell the Leather Armor. Instead, they sell the Black Leather Robes.
  • The Leather Armor bought in Ingnam is only 50 Gems, cheaper than its actual value.
  • Urta wears the Leather Armor, albeit under the name "Leather Arm Segments".

Wearables are items that are worn to boost or lower stats. They are different from weapons due to the fact that they are not directly used to hit the opponent, or that hitting the opponent is not their primary purpose. Rather, they aid combat in other ways.

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