Level 25
Hit Points Max 1080
Libido 100
Corruption Full Demon
Lust Max 200
Gems Drop Gem Drop
Items Drop Item Drops
Nickname Demon Queen
Skills Special attacks
Nameable Yes
Gender Female
Age Age
Orientation Pansexual
Species and Family
Species Demon
Codex Demon (Codex)
Body Parts
Height Height
Tongue Demonic
Eyes Yellow and black eyes, with Slit Pupils
Legs  ?
Feet  ?
Skin  ?
Hair Purple hair, interwoven with Black roses
Horns Goat-Like
Wings Draconic Wings
Tail  ?
Clothing "Almost like a nun's habit, but pared down to almost fetishistic extremes."
Locations and More
Occupation Queen of the Demons
Quest(s) Main Quest
Location(s) Lethice's Stronghold

Lake of Marae (taken by player)

Home Lethice's Stronghold

Content Author: Fenoxo

Lethice is the forceful queen of Mareth, having sent demon armies upon the land and beat corruption into it. She is the ultimate opponent to the champion, whose goal is taking her down. Lethice's motives for trying to conquer Mareth are relatively unknown, presumably related to basic demonic desires.

Lethice, in combat
Lethice is the epitome of all things demonic. From her luxurious purple hair, interwoven with black roses, to her pink skin and goat-like horns, she is the perfect image of sensual, enticing corruption. Tall heels of bone complement her revealing, black clothes. They look almost like a nun’s habit, but pared down to an almost fetishistic extreme. Her slim breasts provide just a hint of shape to the diaphanous fabric, a promise of feminine delights instead of the garish acres of flesh her outfit displays. Outsized wings, like those of a dragon, hold Lethice aloft as she zips about her throne room, gathering her corruptive magics. The strangely slit pupils of her black-rimmed eyes never seem to leave you.

History Edit

Most of Lethice's past is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that she's one of the descendants of the original mages that came to Mareth, eventually turned into a demon, took over the demonic forces, and invaded the land to rule it and collect Lethicite.

Once Lethice was in power, she named Lethicite after herself, where as it had previously been unnamed. She also at some point had it arranged for the demons to cast magic that held rain in the clouds, forcing a terrible drought. As part of her plan to rule Mareth, she has the Demon Factory built, which steadily corrupts the Lake over time and weakens Marae.

Interactions Edit

To be written.

  • List

Sexual Interactions Edit

  • Plow Her.

The champion gives her repeated slaps on the ass, deciding she has a bit of a fetish for such a thing, and then proceed to, by the player's choice, fuck either her pussy or her ass.

  • Queen Her

<Unknown> (Requires pussy)

  • Boob Play

Rather self explanatory....

Unique Interactions Edit

  • Kill Her
  • Leave Her
  • Redeem Her

Recruitment Edit

Lethice can only technically be recruited. Once she has been defeated, a pure champion can decide to redeem her, which gives her a new soul and wipes her memories. The champion and Lethice then go on to start purifying the land. However, Lethice does not appear in camp post-epilogue.

Combat Edit

-work in progress-

She has a Max Lust of 200, twice as high as most opponents, making her much harder to beat via raising her lust. As well as this, her health is at a maximum of 1080, while is quite a lot compared to other opponents.

Despite her role as the Final Boss of the game, she isn't the hardest to defeat, her stats Easily beaten by that of Corrupted Marae, and even moreso by Pure Marae.

Even in her own stronghold, there are enemies who can be considered stronger than Lethice herself, for example, the Minotaur King, who heals to full health whenever defeated by normal means, and can only be defeated by maxing out his lust twice.

Quest Edit

Main article: Storyline

Lethice is the final boss of the main storyline, and is encountered at the very end of it.

Bad Ends Edit

Consort Edit

Main article: Bad End#Consort

This end is voluntary, and is caused by deciding to become Lethice's right hand instead of fight her. It can only be accomplished by a highly corrupt champion. Unlike most bad ends, no "nightmares" can stem from it, regardless of difficulty level.

Suicide Edit

Main article: Bad End#Suicide

This end is caused by losing to Lethice and deciding to commit suicide.

Champ Edit

Main article: Bad End#Champ

This end is caused by losing to Lethice or any bosses prior to her. The champion is turned into a dog-morph and used to expand Lethice's army.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Lethice's official release, the Revamp Mod had its own version of her. Defeating her also had the low chance of getting the Lethicite Staff. This version was replaced with the official one when it came out, and rendered the staff unobtainable for a while.
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