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Lethice's Stronghold is the final dungeon in the game. It's located in the High Mountain and can only be found after clearing the Deep Cave. It holds several difficult bosses, including Lethice, and 7 Bad Ends. Clearing the stronghold results in completion of the game's main quest, and can be considered beating the game. Once the champion has entered the stronghold for the first time, it can be found under the [Places] menu, even if they leave before the stronghold has been cleared.


              [Bush] ↔  ↔ Courtyard] ↔ ↔ ↔ [Wall]
                 ↕                           ↕
                 ↕                           ↕
             [Library]                   [Barracks]
                 ↕                           ↕
                 ↕                           ↕
             [Flowers] ↔ ↔ [Statue] ↔ ↔ ↔ [Green]
                 ↕                           ↕
                 ↕                           ↕
             [Tentacle                       ↕
              Garden]                  [Butterflies]
                 ↕                           ↕
                 ↕                           ↕
             [Garden] ↔ ↔ [Courtyard] ↔ ↔ [Clouds]
                              ↕              ↕
                              ↕              ↕
                          [Entrance]       [Exit]
               [Slope] ↔ ↔ [Outside]
               [Lobby] ↔ ↔ [Mirror Room]
[Entrance] ↔ ↔ [Path]

Mirror RoomEdit

In the Mirror Room, the champion can either put on Glasses or Leave. Putting on the Glasses results in a battle with their Doppelganger. It's a fight that is extremely difficult, as the Doppelganger can't be attacked through regular means and isn't affected by the Tease attack. Furthermore, if the battle takes more than six rounds, the champion will automatically lose. In order to defeat the Doppelganger, the champion must use special attacks, be them physical or magic. These attacks must deal damage, or they'll have no effect. The Doppelganger can also be affected by Blind, Arouse, and Cleansing Palm.


In the Hall, there is a horde of Basilisks. If the champion tries to move past them without Laybans, they will be crowded and captured, and eventually be brought to their king, Jean-Claude. Trying to go from the stronghold to the entrance will also cause this.

After Jean-Claude explains that he knows the champion from their adventures, the champion can goad him into a fight by choosing the 'Taunt' option. Choosing the 'Run' option causes a Bad End. Defeating the king will result in the basilisks bowing to the champion and the champion ordering them to leave. The hall will then be empty and the champion may interact with a pile of eggs in there. All colors of magic eggs are available, except Neon Pink.

Tentacle GardenEdit

The Succubus Gardener can be fought in the Tentacle Garden. The best way to beat her is by using Tease and casting Arouse after having brought her down to 50% health, as her health is restored to 100% when she takes enough damage (~50%). The text of this healing implies that it leaves her more susceptible to lust. Choosing to fuck her after victory will result in a Bad End.

Statue RoomEdit

A giant statue is found here, which, when beaten, drops a Lethicite crystal. The statue's purpose according to Fenoxo is purely as a combat challenge, as it's a massively difficult foe due to a high level and HP count. After the champion defeats it, it crumbles to pieces, and they find a Lethicite (not Marae's Lethicite) nearby. If they do not defeat it while in fight, it leads to a Bad End where they are crushed underneath the Statue's hammer.


The centaur herm is fought here. She is a massive, highly corrupt centaur that has the ability to heal herself and orgasm to relieve lust. However, this ability can only be used once per battle. She can be beat through Lust or getting her to 0 HP. Fucking her after defeating her does not lead to a bad ending.

Throne RoomEdit

In order to enter the throne room, the champion must defeat the centaur herm and Succubus Gardener, and collect the statue's Lethicite. They will then be presented with five battles in a row with no breaks in between. The battles are against [Incubus|Kinariel] the drider incubus, the Minotaur [King|King], Lethice, a horde of demons, and Lethice once more.

Kinariel Edit

Battle Edit

Being the first boss, Kinariel is the easiest. He can be defeated through lust or 0 HP, and has no special requirements or tactics to use against him. The only noteworthy thing of his battle is that he is capable of lowering the champion's stats. The lowering is temporary, however, and the stats are restored upon moving to the next battle. Post-battle options of having intercourse with Kinariel or [[1]] (his goblin) do not yield bad ends, but may sharply raise Corruption.

Bad Ends Edit

Losing to Kinariel, regardless if it's through lust or hitting 0 HP, will cause the champion to be tied up by Kinariel and handed over to Lethice. Lethice then orders the champion to preform cunnilingus on her. They do so for an unknown long amount of time, and are then turned over to the breeding pits to produce more imps for Lethice's army.

Description Edit

The drider incubus is a marvel of demonic perversions applied to inhuman flesh. His glittering dark skin is like a solid sheet of coal. Twisted obsidian horns spiral from his forehead like a pair of misshapen spears. Even his eyes are an eerie marvel, no longer windows to the soul, only pits of endless hunger. His evil visage pales in comparison to the monstrous form below his waist - that of a gigantic spider. Eight clattering legs skitter across the floor with his every move. A bulbous abdomen hangs behind them, covered with twitching spinnerets so full of silk that half-formed blobs of it dangle behind him.
Hanging from an impeccably made harness is a goblin, the only splash of color on the soulless abomination before you. She’s positioned against the larger male’s abdomen so that her bare crotch is impaled upon his turgid, writhing demon-dick, and by the looks of her frantic squirming, is doing her best to escape. Perhaps you could free her?

Minotaur King Edit

Battle Edit

The Minotaur King is generally considered the toughest battle due to the fact that he must be defeated by lust twice, while being capable of dealing heavy hits or lust increases. He also causes mild lust increase each turn, like a champion with the Arousing Aura perk.

The general consensus on how to beat him is to lower his HP to 0 twice, then repeatedly use the Tease attack. The more times he's defeated, the more effective Tease becomes, thus being the reason to defeat him twice before attempting lust defeats. He's also weak to the Arouse spell, but that method generally isn't recommended due to the increased chance of losing due to high lust. If the champion has Lethice's Whip, it's also an effective weapon and generally bypasses the necessity to defeat him twice, but comes with raised corruption and requires having beat the game at least once already.

Having a stack of Spring Water from The Oasis Tower that Minerva lives in will help, purging more lust than the demon can generate while restoring HP.

Beating the Minotaur King gives the champion Premium God's Mead, which restores HP and lowers lust.

Bad Ends Edit

Losing to the Minotaur King, whether through lust or no remaining HP (Unsure if 0 HP actually causes this bad end, and I can't seem to lose to the Minotaur King to find out; please verify), causes the champion to collapse and crave his semen. The Minotaur King then forces the champion to preform fellatio on him, and an orgy eventually breaks out among all the demons that have gathered. The champion then ends up as a sex slave, mostly to the Minotaur King but frequently passed around.

Description Edit

Still standing between you and the Demon Queen, the Minotaur King is breathing heavily. His cock is slathered with the residue of his own potent orgasm. His immense, 14 foot tall form hunches slightly as he stares at you, one hand still clutching to his axe. Driving him back to his peak would undoubtedly push him even beyond his considerable endurance. The only problem is that alluring aroma that surrounds him, suffusing the air with the scent of sweaty bedroom romps and sizzling pleasure. You better finish him quick.
Beneath his legs is a favorite slut, Excellia by name. She stays just out of his way, showcasing the curvaceous nature of her figure and the ripeness of her sex, occasionally running her fingers across a strange tattoo laid upon her belly. You’d best keep your attentions on the fight ahead.

Lethice - First Battle Edit

Battle Edit

The fight is hardly difficult compared to the Minotaur King and plays much out like the fight with Kinariel. She can lose through 0 HP or maxed lust, and the only major issue encountered is that she frequently uses Blind. She has the ability to summon a forest of black tentacles that are implied to be a hazard, but never actually do anything and thus can be ignored.

Bad Ends Edit

Whether losing through lust or 0 HP, the champion will fall, and Lethice will gloat and call them a dog. The champion then has two options-- to become her dog, or to commit suicide. If the champion chooses suicide, they will eat a cyanide pill and get the last laugh while Lethice shrieks, "No!" If they chose to become a dog, they become a mindless sex slave dog-morph and forget their memories, only going by Champ. A scene is shown where a new champion from Ingnam is captured and thrown to Lethice. Lethice gloats in front of her and reveals the truth of why there are champions. The champion recognizes Champ and tries to get them to remember their humanity, but fails, and Lethice releases Champ to rape her. When Champ is finished, the champion is dragged off to become another dog, and Lethice orders Champ to please her.

If the champion has 90 or more corruption, they are given the option to consort with Lethice instead of fight her. Consorting makes the champion become her soulless warrior and sex slave, and assist her in the downfall of the rest of Mareth.

Description Edit

Lethice is the epitome of all things demonic. From her luxurious purple hair, interwoven with black roses, to her pink skin and goat-like horns, she is the perfect image of sensual, enticing corruption. Tall heels of bone complement her revealing, pink armor. It appears to be made of lethicite; who knows how many souls were corrupted in order to create such strange armor? It covers Lethice from neck to toe and definitely gives her a lot of defense. The fact that it leaves her nipples and dripping cunt exposed adds to the lewdness of her otherwise-protective armor. Outsized wings, like those of a dragon, hold Lethice aloft as she zips about her throne room, gathering her corruptive magics. The strangely slit pupils of her black-rimmed eyes never seem to leave you.

Demon Horde Edit

Battle Edit

The demon horde is a simple fight, able to be taken down by lust or 0 HP. They inherit Blind if Lethice was Blinded when she was defeated, and are able to cast Blind. Most of their attacks are lust-based, so as long as the champion has low lust at the start or still has the Premium God's Mead, they are easily beaten.

After beating them, the champion has the option to heal, have sex with the demons, or press on. Having sex with the demons yields no bad ends and allows a release of lust.

Bad Ends Edit

If the champion loses to the demon horde, they will go through the same bad ending they would if they lost to Lethice during her first battle.

Description Edit

You’re completely surrounded by demons! The members of Lethice’s corrupted court have flooded the throne hall like a sea of tainted flesh, crushing in on you with the sheer weight of bodies being thrown against you. Incubi, succubi, and forms between and combining them all grasp and thrust at you, trying to overwhelm you with desire for their inhuman bodies and the unspeakable pleasures only demons command.

Lethice - Second Battle Edit

Battle Edit

While more difficult than her first round due to an introduction of new attacks, Lethice's second fight is easy to handle with the right preparation. She will periodically shield herself from attacks or from teases, and may swap between them often or not at all (on screen text will make it obvious which tactic she is blocking), requiring the champion to possibly switch tactics during the fight. She also no longer uses Blind, but can now silence the champion and prevent them from using magic.

Defeating Lethice will give the options to have sex with her, redeem her, or kill her. Having sex with her will force the champion to either kill or let her go after. There is no opportunity for redemption.

Bad Ends Edit

If the champion loses to Lethice, they will go through the same bad ending they would if they lost to her during her first battle.

Description Edit

Lethice is the epitome of all things demonic. From her luxurious purple hair, interwoven with black roses, to her pink skin and goat-like horns, she is the perfect image of sensual, enticing corruption. Tall heels of bone complement her revealing, pink armor. It appears to be made of lethicite; who knows how many souls were corrupted in order to create such strange armor? It covers Lethice from neck to toe and definitely gives her a lot of defense. The fact that it leaves her nipples and dripping cunt exposed adds to the lewdness of her otherwise-protective armor. Standing astride her throne, Lethice regards you with a snarl and a crack of her flaming whip. Her yellow-black eyes are wide with fury, the pointed tips of her teeth bared in a snarl. Gorged with lethicite, the enraged demon queen is determined to finish you. Her endurance can’t possible hold for too much longer. You can beat her!

Exit - Cable CarEdit

The stronghold's southeastern corner holds a cable car. The incubus from the Demon Factory operates it, and he stops the champion from using the lift by demanding a toll. The champion has three options. The first is to pay 500 gems. The incubus comments he was only joking about the gems, but still accepts the toll. The second option is to suck the incubus's dick. The third option is to fight him. The fight is no more difficult than it was in the Demon Factory.

Trivia Edit

  • The Minotaur King makes a vague reference to the end of the Doppelganger fight if the champion loses to him, saying, “No matter how well they fight, they all wind up like you. If you could see yourself right now... you’d want to fuck you too.” Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.
  • In the original version of Corruption of Champions, it wasn't necessary to defeat the Succubus Gardener, centaur herm, and statue. The statue could be skipped entirely and only one of the gardener or centaur were necessary to defeat in order to get to the throne room. Skipping the statue, however, prevented the possibility of Lethice's redemption.
  • Originally, Lethice had the ability to block physical or lust attacks, based on what the champion attacked her with first. It is unknown why she now only blocks lust-based attacks.
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