Lethicite Armor
General Information
Type Armor
Usage Defense
Boosts Defense +20
Requirement NewGame+
Merchant Information
Buy Value 3000
Sell Value 1500
Locations Found
Found At Lethice's Stronghold

Content Author: Unknown

The Lethicite Armor is the armor Lethice wears. If the champion is in a NewGame+, they can go to Lethice's Stronghold after beating her and collect it from the throne room.

Lethicite Armor, when put on by a very corrupt champion
You strip yourself naked before you proceed to put on the strange, purple crystalline armor. You are eager to show off once you get yourself suited up. First, you clamber into the breastplate. It has imposing, spiked pauldrons to protect your shoulders. The breastplate shifts to accommodate your chest and when you look down, your nipples are exposed. Next, you slip into the leggings. By the time you get the leggings fully adjusted, you realize that the intricately-designed opening gives access to your groin! Your cock hangs freely. You ponder over taking off your undergarments. Then, you slip your feet into the 'boots'; they aren't even covering your feet. You presume they were originally designed for demons, considering how the demons either have high-heels or clawed feet. Finally, you put the bracers on to protect your arms. Your fingers are still exposed so you can still get a good grip.You are ready to set off on your adventures!

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This is a suit of lethicite armor. It's all purple and it seems to glow. The pauldrons are spiky to give this armor an imposing appearance. It doesn't seem to cover your crotch and nipples though. It appears to be enchanted to never break and you highly doubt the demons might be able to eat it!

Stats Edit

  • Base Defense: 20
  • Value: 3000
  • Classification: Heavy armor
  • Adds 0.1 corruption per hour to a champion whose corruption is under 50
  • Adds 0.05 corruption per hour to a champion whose corruption is under 80
  • Gives immunity to Jizzpants status

Trivia Edit

  • The Behemoth will take note of the Lethicite Armor and be impressed that Lethice managed to gather enough Lethicite to make it.
  • The Lethicite Armor has its own special tease attack.
  • If the champion is a quadruped, they will decide against trying to put on the leggings.

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