Lethicite Staff
General Information
Type Weapon
Usage Combat
Boosts Attack +14
Spells +80%
Requirement 5 Lethicite
1 Wizard's Staff
Merchant Information
Sell Value 668
Locations Found
Bought From Rathazul

Content Author: Kitteh6660 and Foxwells

The Lethicite Staff is a magical staff made of Lethicite. It can be obtained by giving Rathazul 5 pieces of Lethicite and a Wizard's Staff to infuse the Lethicite with.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This staff is made of a dark material and seems to tingle to the touch. The top consists of a glowing lethicite orb. Somehow you know this will greatly empower your spellcasting abilities.

Stats Edit

  • Base Attack: 14
  • Value: 1337
  • Classification: Light, staff, melee
  • Gives the Wizard's Focus perk, which increases the spell affect modifier by 80%
  • Standard attack is a ranged magic bolt if the champion has the Staff Channeling perk

Trivia Edit

  • The value of the Lethicite Staff is internet slang for "Leet", meaning "elite".
  • The Lethicite Staff shares its perk with the other staffs of the game. However, it provides the biggest increase to spell power-- the next in line is the Eldritch Staff, with a 60% increase.
  • The Lethicite Staff became unavailable after the CoC Mod's version of Lethice was replaced with the official release of her, as the official Lethice doesn't drop a Lethicite Staff. Being able to craft it was eventually done by Foxwells, making it obtainable again.
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