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Race: Lizan

Sexes: Male, Female, Hermaphrodite

Height: Shorter than average to average (5′ 4″ to 5′ 11″)

Build: Lean and slender

Skin: Black, Blue, White, Green, Red, Silver, Purple

Hair: None

Eyes: Varies

Appearance: Lizans resemble bipedal, humanoid lizards, with expressive reptilian snouts filled with teeth, digitigrade legs with lizard-like claws, no visible ears, no hair, scales covering the entirety of their bodies, and tapered, prehensile tails. Instead of hair, lizans may have zero, one or two pairs of draconic horns; horns are often regarded in their culture as being marked by destiny.

Sexual Characteristics: Male lizans naturally have two penises of equal length and girth; these are characterised by their vivid purplish hue and exotically lumpy appearance. As a consequence, the anuses of lizans are easily comparable in sexual sensitivity and receptiveness to vaginas; because a female lizan is invariably double-penetrated with even a single male partner, they have evolved to feel just as much pleasure in their anus as in their vagina.

Female lizans typically have smaller breasts; A-cups are the norm in their culture, and few naturally grow above a C-cup. Hermaphrodites have the characteristics of both sexes. This means interspecies relationships with lizans can be a little awkward; female lizans often need to invest in toys to stimulate their back passage with when mating with other races, while males and herms can have problems understanding that their partners don’t like anal sex. Many lizans have a fetish for lactating breasts and/or long hair, because the phenomena is unknown among their kind.

Corruption: Corruption in Lizans manifests primarily mentally, inducing them towards typically demonic behavior – an erosion of mores, loss of interest in anything besides sex, increasing lack of compassion & empathy, etc. Similarly to the also-oviparous harpies, corrupted lizans produce eggs more frequently than uncorrupted lizans, and they also produce much larger clutches. The standard increases to cock and breast size go without saying.

Diet: Lizans are predominantly carnivorous, though they are omnivorous enough that they can be opportunistic feeders. They traditionally consume their prey raw, in order to cannibalise its juices to hydrate their own bodies – a helpful adaptation in the deserts and hot grasslands where they tend to live.

Reproduction: Similarly to harpies, lizans are oviparous; females lay eggs, from which hatch new lizans – these infants are highly independent and ready to eat meat from when they hatch. As a result, the breasts on a female or herm lizan are just for show and they do not lactate. Unlike harpies, lizans actually produce fully-fledged eggs in their womb as part of ovulation – essentially, a pregnant-looking midriff is a sign that a lizan is now ready to be fertilised, rather than a sign she has been fertilised. If she mates before she goes into labor, then the eggs will remain in the womb for several more days, growing larger as the embryos form inside them, before being laid. The fertilised eggs will be carefully guarded as a “clutch”, with the mother waiting for the fertilised eggs to hatch. If the "pregnant" lizan doesn’t mate, then the eggs are laid as unfertilised. In this case, the mother traditionally eats them, in order to replenish the depleted nutrients and protein – being offered one of a lizan’s own eggs to eat is a sign that she finds you very attractive and is interested in mating with you.

A lizan herm or female will typically produce 3 or 4 eggs per clutch, and will produce a clutch every 30 days. Larger clutches aren’t unheard of, especially if the lizan mates with an extremely virile/potent mate, but typically high fertility manifests in a decrease in the times between laying – normally, this would mean a lizan grows gravid every 15 days, but in this tainted world it’s possible for a lizan to make eggs every day. Unfertilised eggs are small, about the size of a chicken’s, while fertilised eggs are considerably larger (think the difference between eggs and large eggs from Ovi Elixir).

Like all anthropomorphic Marethian species, lizans can crossbreed with humans. However, they may be the race most likely to produce mixed bloods (beings that look more like humans with animal traits, such as legs, tails and ears, rather than humanoid animals) instead of pure bloods of one parent’s race or the other (usually the anthro's race).

Culture: There are functionally two different lizan cultures; that of the desert lizans, and that of the plains lizans. Both groups are a contemplative, spiritual culture, offering reverence to the various god-spirits of Mareth that they deem important to their lives, such as their creator-spirit and the spirits of the rain. They typically wear little in the way of clothing; most settle for a loincloth about their nethers, for modesty’s sake, and/or a long hooded cloak to keep the worst of the dust and sun off. Prone to being superstitious, many lizans adorn themselves with assorted bangles and geegaws, talismans intended to attract good spirits and ward of evil spirits. "Shamans" and similar mystics are quite respected in lizan culture, and it’s often a position held by the natural-born hermaphrodites.

Lizans of the desert are quiet and peaceful by nature, wandering the lands alone or in small, family groups, eternally seeking food and drink to sustain them through the day. Family groups rarely cross paths, but when they do, it is a time to celebrate – often, members of the group will trade, in order to found new families of their own, in time. This is not to say that they are pacifists or cannot fight, merely that they prefer to hold peace.

Lizans of the plains, on the other hand, are violent and warlike, which they blame on the constant harassment by their ancient enemies, the gnolls. Gathering in large clans of multiple extended family groups, they place emphasis on breeding and on honing war-like skills; hermaphrodites are honored amongst their culture for their ability to impregnate and be impregnated at the same time. Indeed, if there are too many members of one gender in a tribe, members are exhorted to use gender-modifying items so there can be more phalluses to fertilise eggs with or more egg-generating wombs.

History: The precise history of the lizans is lost in the mists of time. Oral tradition claims that they were created by a lizard deity who admired the idea the other deities had to uplift the animals of Mareth into humanoid beings, but scorned the idea of uplifting mammals, who he saw as weak and soft. Instead, the spirit chose to uplift the hardy lizards of the plains and the desert.

To be honest, there is nothing of real importance to the history of lizans. They have simply always been there, roaming the hot, dry regions of the world and keeping primarily to themselves. They have little use for other races, and most races have little use for them.

Current Status: Because of their historically dispersed nature, the desert lizans have not really suffered noticeably at the hands of the demons; they are simply too widespread and nomadic to bother hunting down en masse, not that this prevents demons who have the opportunity to enslave them from doing so. The fact they naturally come with two dicks and a love of anal sex makes them quite appealing. The plains lizans, though, are functionally extinct as a pure race; except for some emigres from early on in the invasion, all plains dwelling lizans are now at least moderately corrupt, and as hermaphroditism has become quite widespread, their numbers are flourishing.

Inter-Species Relationships: All uncorrupt lizans hate demons. Personal reasons for doing so vary widely, but the racial reason is simple; the demons' preventing of the rain for years and years has caused many deaths among their number and rendered it increasingly hard to survive in the hot, dry regions where they live.

The race that desert lizans most interact with is the cult of the Sand Witches, and the relationship there can be said to be one of love/hate. As noted above, many lizans find lactating breasts to be a fetish, males and herms appreciate the twin pussies that sand witches possess, and all sexes find the abundance of nutrient-rich fluids that can be sucked from a Sand Witch quite helpful in the dry climates of their home. Sand Witches don't necessarily mind the attention, and rumors say there are more than a few mixed blood lizans in the desert as a result, but are fiercely possessive of their milk and fixated on adding new recruits to their cult. As a result, more than one male lizan has spent at least some time as a lactating shemale as a result of underestimating them.

Plains lizans are defined by their constant war against the gnolls. Lacking individual strength by comparison, they have always depended on numbers to fight back against the hyena-morphs, and thusly they have given themselves over to corruption.

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