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Gender Herm
Species and Family
Species Laquine
Father UsagiBunny-morph
Mother UmaEquine
Body Parts
Height 6'2"
Face Human
Eyes deep-brown eyes
Ears snow-white bunny ears
Torso firm, heart-shaped butt
Legs slender-but-powerful bunny legs
Feet elongated furry feet
Skin smooth olive-colored skin
Hair shoulder-length black hair
Fur fur color is snow-white
Tail long, elegantly-cared for black horse's tail falls from her firm, heart-shaped butt, easily reaching to the back of her knees
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts C-cup breasts
Testes heavy sack dangling beneath her sheath
Pregnant? Yes(?)
Impregnate? Yes(?)
Clothing Kimono
Locations and More
Occupation Dancer
Location(s) Gym
Interaction Talk
Loppe is a hermaphroditic Laquine (bunny+horse-morph) that the Champion can first encounter randomly at The Wet Bitch during one of her dance performances, and thereafter at the Gym in Tel'Adre.

Loppe is 6'2" tall, with smooth olive-colored skin. She has a normal human face, deep-brown eyes, shoulder-length black hair, and a pair of snow-white rabbit ears. Her slender-but-powerful legs are what you would expect of a bunny, curved and with elongated furry feet; her fur color is snow-white. A long, elegantly-cared for black horse's tail falls from her firm, heart-shaped butt, easily reaching to the back of her knees.

Her sexual characteristics include C-cup breasts and a 14" long by 2.5" wide horse cock with a heavy sack dangling beneath her sheath.

Loppe can be first found at random by approaching The Wet Bitch; this will trigger the option to either watch her dance, leave, or remove her from the game.

If the Champion does not remove Loppe from the game and finally chooses to watch her dance, she will flirt with them after her work is over. This will reveal she is a hermaphrodite and again give the Hero the chance to either advance or to remove her from the game by saying that they don't like herms.

If Loppe is not removed, the Champion may either leave and promise to see her later, whereupon she explains she can be found at the Gym for most of the day, or go home with her for sex. Going home for sex reveals Loppe's "little secret"; she has a supercharged libido and high cum production, meaning the Champion is potentially the first person to come back to her after more than one night with her.

When met at the Gym, Loppe has several options. Obviously, Champion can go home with her for sex, but they can also take her to the cafe nearby and tease her for some extra sex scenes, as well as talk to her about assorted topics. By default, they can talk about Loppe herself, the possibility of children (Loppe is keeping herself under a "sterility spell" until she meets the right person to have kids with), and gossip about some of the Tel'Adre NPCs the Champion has met. Using the Loppe topic opens up conversations about her work, her mother, and the village she originally lived in, as well as the option to tease her.

When taken home for sex, Loppe has several options. She can penetrate the anus of all characters with her cock (She will make a comment if the Champion is male with a virgin anus), she can ride their penis in cowgirl style, or she can penetrate Hero's vagina if they have one. If they have DD-cup+ breasts, they can offer her a boob-job, and once Loppe has been sexed at least once, they can engage in orgasm denial with her — giving her a handjob, but refusing to let her cum, which results in her balls swelling and a very messy orgasm afterwards. Several of her home sex scenes have branch options; the Champion who is being ridden cowgirl style can opt to let either himself or Loppe get a facial when she orgasms, whilst the Hero giving Loppe a breastjob can unintentionally end up giving her a blowjob when she gets too excited if they are too weak or too stupid to stop her.

When "teased" at the cafe, the player has several options; they can go under the table and give her a blow job, ala Urta, they can give her a handjob under the table, or they can kiss her and then leave her.

Strangely, despite the copious output Loppe has, her scenes of orally penetrating the Champion doesn't cause them to gain weight the way Urta's "cumflation blowjob" scene does.

Loppe is the daughter of Uma, a gynosexual female equine, and Usagi, a hermaphrodite bunny-morph who left her mother before either of them knew Uma was pregnant.

The Champion tells the laquine that they're curious about her, that they'd like to know more about her: who she is, where she comes from, et cetera.

Loppe nods. "Okay, but it's kind of a long story, so I hope you have time."

You wouldn't have expected anything else, and rest your chin on a hand patiently.

Loppe acknowledges your gesture and scratches her own in thought. "Hmm. Where do I begin... I suppose my family is as good a start as any. I was born in a small village to the far east. We were a tiny but friendly community; my mother was a healer specialising in the traditional medicine of our ancestors. My father... well, I never met my father. But as you can tell, I'm a mix of leporid and equine... a laquine, if you will," she finishes with a giggle.

That raises the question of just how she came to be.

Loppe smiles, not insulted, and shrugs her shoulders. "Well, it's unusual, I can tell you that... Although I have never been treated differently because of my mixed blood. Mom says my father was just the cutest bunny there is, it was love at first sight."

You tell her that from what her mom says, Loppe definitely must take after her dad's side of the family, giving her a winsome grin. Loppe smiles at you.

"Flatterer... To tell the truth I used to look a lot more like my dad, but then came the curse..."


Loppe shakes her head. "There are actually more than one species of bunny in this world. You may have seen the cute ones with the ears and human faces... my father was a bit more like our animal cousins; fuzzy, cuddly... also lethal with a sword, though that's less related. All the fun stuff."

Smiling, you move on; Loppe said her parents were in love — at first sight, according to her — but when you asked, she said she never knew her father.

Loppe shakes her head. "Well... for some reason my father left us. My mother was furious when she woke up to find her gone, but still misses her greatly."

'Her'? So, Loppe inherited her multiple endowments from one of her parents. Or perhaps both?

Loppe grins at you. "Well, I do take after my father in more ways than one. Mom is a normal female. She's actually a lesbian, and didn't know about my father being a herm. You can imagine her surprise when she found out." She giggles. "Though my mother might prefer girls, I don't think she minded my father's extra bits... otherwise I wouldn't be here now, would I?"

"Okay, moving on... Our tribe, like many others, was attacked by demons. I managed to escape along with my mother, but it was tough finding a new place to settle down, and the wilderness is very dangerous. So we travelled, seeking a place of safety, until we heard of Tel'Adre." Loppe's usually happy face suddenly becomes apprehensive.

"On our trip to this place, we were ambushed by a demon... I had to protect my mother, so I offered myself as the demon's willing sex toy if she would let my mother go. Of course my mother protested, but the demon silenced her by tying her up with black magic. Then she proposed a challenge. She said I could pick a game and if she managed to win the game, both my mother and I would become her slaves; if I won, we could both go." Loppe's eyes glint with mischief.

"I figured it was some kind of trap, so I suggested something the demon didn't expect. A bout of sex. And whomever outlasted the other would be the winner. As you can see... I won." She grins at you.

You tell her that was very brave — but very foolish. How did she know the demon would actually keep her word? What made her think she could actually win a contest like that, anyway?

"I have always had a very active sex drive. I didn't know if I was going to win, but I had to try anyways. The demon said she was very pleased with my choice, and would give me a boon. So she turned me into this human-bunny-horse hybrid and gave me an even higher sex drive so I'd be a match for her." Loppe's face turns grim.

"That was a huge mistake... for her. Under her lust-boosting spell, I just went absolutely nuts. We had sex for hours on end; by the time I was done with her, she was knocked out cold in a pool of our mixed fluids and I set my eyes on my mother... still bound..." She bites her lower lip.

"I nearly... nevermind. I'm not going into any more detail about that. Thanks for the chat."

Surprised at the abrupt end, you rise when Loppe does, and return her thanks.

"I guess I'll see you later then."

Ingame Description:
... a figure clad in a white mantle steps onto the stage; discarding the covering with a swift movement, it reveals the comely visage of a bunny-girl — a literal bunny-girl, in that apart from the obvious bunny ears and the hints of rabbit-like legs, she actually looks otherwise human despite the prevalence of anthropomorphic animals in this city.

A strange, exotic robe adorned with floral designs decorates her body, and her face is completely white, delicately painted to make her look like a porcelain doll; her eyes are shaded with a red eyeliner and her lips with a crimson lipstick. The black hair atop her head is done in a small bun, perched just above her flattened bunny ears.

"I love sweets, and dancing works up an appetite." Then she gives you a seductive glance. "You aren’t going to deny a dainty-looking bunny-girl her pleasure, are you... sugar?"


  • Background notes is that she used to be an anthropomorphic rabbit, but became a "bunny-girl" because of a demon.
  • Loppe's author has plans to introduce both of her parents into the game; her mother as a service-offering masseur in Tel'adre.
  • Her "father" has part of a mini-quest.
  • Loppe's mother has now been released, and there's an option to meet her when you talk to Loppe about her mother.

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